March For Our Lives Propaganda

How fraudlent is the #MarchForOurLives #March4OurLives ? Consider the faces of the “movement” with their $500K donation are #georgeclooney and “human rights attorney” #amalclooney. They’re so upset about our #ChildrenUnderAttack that “we” need to #dosomething about my guns.   In fact, word on the street is that their twins #ellaclooney and #alexanderclooney are scheduled to … More March For Our Lives Propaganda

Who is Robert Mueller?

Tweet thread from Saul Montes-Bradley listed as “Once a consultant to the UNDP, became an airline executive and financial analyst (among other things). Now an author and researcher living in Virginia.” with his perspective on Mueller: (1) Your logic is just fine. I must tell you that the hysterical rumbling about Mueller is sometimes incomprehensible to … More Who is Robert Mueller?

Killing Kids: The NRA vs Planned Parenthood

In the aftermath of the horrific Parkland School shooting in Florida, Democrats were screaming for “something” to be done “to protect the children”. They scream “The (fill in the blank…NRA, GOP, POTUS) has blood on their hands!”  and so does “Any politician who takes money from them!”  Democrats project. They are marvelous at it. That … More Killing Kids: The NRA vs Planned Parenthood