We are alive, and we are conservative!

I have heard more than once, mostly from the left, that ideology is a barrier to getting things done in Washington. This is true only if the ideology at work is conservative.

As I type this, the left with their liberal ideologists, are issuing releases and sending OFA emails on how the rigid conservative ideology is clogging the process. When the truth is, the opposition, conservatives, are simply attempting to block their unprecedented tactics in implementing their own, radical ideology.

Step one in their plan was to redefine the word conservative. What was for decades a way of saying that we intend to ensure the government has a conservative impact on our lives, began in the ’70s to be a way of saying ‘racist, old, white men’. Glad to say I am none of the above.

So, while they attack the opposition with vile hate words and redefine us to be angry old white me – and now terrorist, they attempt to convince the public that ideology is the problem. They just want to take care of everyone, attain world peace, that’s no radical ideology, right? Meanwhile, hiding their true ideological purpose, to establish a socialist US state, but claiming to have no real ideology at all. Why, that’s just a right wing conspiracy.

Socialist you say? An Oligarchy? What’s your proof?

  • nationalization of healthcare
  • attempted nationalization of banking system, with some success
  • unprecedented limitations on Bill of Right freedoms
  • support for infanticide
  • intimidation attempted control of media
  • violation of War Powers Act with no repercussion
  • running guns, buying millions of guns, attempting to limit citizen ownership of guns
  • violating our right to privacy by mining our email

But ideology does matter – it mattered to our founders, it was the basis of the construction of our constitution, and conservative ideology on which we were founded. To these ideals we must hold fast. The label you apply to it may not matter, but the ideology itself certainly does. Case in point: socialism is an ideology, and in order to fight it and win, we must understand it, but most importantly we must understand and embrace our own, conservative ideology: individual liberty, smaller, more frugal government, no waste, fewer and lower taxes, less regulation, less nationalization, more privatization, more liberty and hands off the Bill of Rights . . We are not dead. We are alive and well, and the reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated. It’s our money – the government is just appointed to spend it. They work for us!

The reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

It is high time for all conservatives to unite: Republican, libertarian, Libertarian, independent. Your specific platform, while important to all of us, is less important than defeating the socialist forces hiding behind a US mainstream. Strength in numbers and power in mission won this country. What we are fighting is the same, merely the 21st century version.

2 thoughts on “We are alive, and we are conservative!

  1. I’m 100% proud to be not only a Republican but a Social Conservative and Constitutional Originalist will always be proud to say those words and show my pride for the party that I support. 100% anti Liberal reason being they make no sense. 100% anti Democrat reason being they believe in one thing and that is destroying our economy.

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