Being Painfully Wrong to Save an Agenda

It is well documented, online and off, that in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Boston, the attempts of the left-leaning, mainstream media to pin the attack on white, right-wing extremists was a contortionist act of epic proportions. Salon was all over it, of course.

Even after being proven wrong, in a big way, the left responded by re-writing history, claiming the attack was still the fault of white male domination of our culture, even though the bombers were Chechen Muslim. Propagandist Magazine‘s 4/25 blog is particularly enlightening.

There are some great must-see stories, documenting the ‘white, right-wing terrorists’ spin fiasco, and these aren’t exactly right wing bloggers:
Investors Business Daily
Fox News

These are right-wing bloggers:
American Thinker
Washington Times

The media has a responsibility. Well, they have many, but foremost is to report the news truthfully. By any definition, a preponderance of traditional US media is biased, even yellow. And in this time of crisis, as news was breaking, the media on the left chose to push an agenda, rather than meet that responsibility.

The key take away for all of us here? The left, fueled by a mainstream media that is firmly in their camp, is not driven by truth. On the contrary, they are fully invested in an agenda at all costs, and are clearly aware that this agenda can only succeed by demonizing, dividing, and conquering. (Read Lenin)

An important question, with all the intelligence our government possessed on the elder Tsarnaev, were they compliant in this effort? They really never thought of this guy? Nothing came up in the database? As they were at a loss for several days, insisting the bombers were white, releasing images, and pleas for help to the public. Only after the bombers were identified did they officially admit that they were indeed, not really white, and certainly not right-wing.

This is no declarative statement, but a question we all should ask. Yet another dot to connect. In the full exercise of our freedoms, any attempt by the government or pro-government press, to change the narrative from truth to fiction, must be rejected! In the pursuit of our freedoms, we must ask hard questions to protect the integrity of a truthful press, not just a free press. I argue that it is no less a constitutional violation for the media to mislead for the sake of the government, than it is for the government to nationalize the media. Walter Cronkite might have said that already. Hmmmm….

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