Benghazi Cover-Up

Media personality — he’s no journalist — Geraldo Rivera said his sources claimed the Benghazi Cover-Up was because of an illegal gun running operation. Rand Paul asked about this issue during an early Senate hearing. Was this the reason the support wasn’t sent and the site remained unsecured for 18 days after the attack?

If support were sent, US made weapons would’ve been found when the enemy was repelled. Likewise, if the site had been immediately secured, evidence of gun running would’ve also been found.

Benghazi is much larger than just a failure of leadership. The actions taken, the inaction, and the statements and narrative crafted in response to the attack were done to hide something. The entire episode is not just a series of bad decisions. That does makes a difference, Mrs Clinton.

It does appear, at long last, some members of the MSM are concerned about the demonstrably false position the Obama Administration intended the American public to rely upon concerning Benghazi. All American –regardless of political affiliation — owe thanks to the three patriots that testified this past Wednesday. The truth is apolitical. In modern America that needs to be repeated, the truth is apolitical.

Naked attempts to smear their testimony and deflect from the truth by the Blue Dems is reprehensible. It is un-American. Kudos to the determined members of the GOP who haven’t wavered seeking the facts. The issue about the Benghazi lies are separate and apart from any prior administration. Benghazi is about Benghazi and it is about the Obama Administration’s lies to the American public and the Blue Dems who aid and abet such un-American activity. End. Of. Story. Do not let the Left deflect by bringing up Bush.

One of the most damaging pieces of evidence was an email sent from the State Department’s Beth Jones on 9/12 that said she instructed Libyan authorities that the attacks were carried out by Al Qaeda affiliated Ansar Al Sharia, or any group member of the Radical Islamist terrorist network. This email was four days before Susan Rice began blaming a video none of those feudal animals ever saw on the Sunday talk shows.

Despite her lies — and Susan Rice’s lies — about the video, Obama wasted our tax dollars on false advertisements in Islamic countries blaming the video! Hillary backed that LIE up and, putridly, lied to family members of the dead Americans.

If Blue Democrats are lying about Benghazi, and they are putting up a wall, complicit in a fraud perpetrated against the American people, then this is a cover-up and the Blue Dems are betraying America.

The facts are making an increasingly compelling case for impeachment proceedings. The lies surrounding the death of four Americans are sufficient basis to keep digging. At the very least, the facts as presently known justify a Special Investigative Committee with subpoena power.

Let’s demand Congress pursue that Special Committee. Let’s demand Public Officials tell the truth. Let’s beat the Blue Dems and RINOs. We are a Red Nation Rising.

Written by: Naethan Guette
Edited by: Jim Lysaght

2 thoughts on “Benghazi Cover-Up

  1. I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe we the people are interested enough… yet. I do believe that if Congress continues to dig and push, the truth will come out and the democrat party will own this, and this ain’t pretty. Imo, because America’s military is all volunteer, there is more of a willingness from everyday people to back them up. After all, they’re our sons and daughters, our mothers and fathers… our brothers and sisters. They go into danger so that we can sit here and type. They would NEVER leave a comrade behind, and they resent being ordered to. The truth will come out, and when it does, we the people will demand heads.

    1. Thank you for the comment. People are tuning out the MSM in droves. Thus, MSM has — at long last — started giving Benghazi coverage. The more we raise awareness using our channels, like Facebook, Twitter & Internet blogs, the more effective we will be. And you’re right, heads should roll.

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