IRS Targets Conservatives (Pt 1)

By Sandy @orangeone4
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Just days ago, the IRS apologized for inappropriately flagging conservative political groups for additional reviews during the 2012 election cycle. Before the ink was dry on the media stories, the Associated Press exclusively reported, after obtaining a draft of the Inspector Generals’ report, the targeting began as early as 2011. Not only that, the targeting changed from key words “Tea Party”, “Patriot” and “Conservative” to include political action type organizations educating on the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Staunch Democrat Attacks Unethical Tone at the Top

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) former representative and self-proclaimed liberal Democrat, appearing on Fox News Sunday, stated that despite his disagreement with Tea Party positions, “this is not tolerable; we cannot have a condition in America where peoples’ politics are the basis for IRS attacks.” He added: “The tone is set from the top, and that’s the problem we need to look at here, the tone that’s set. We are in a hyper-partisan, intensely partisan condition in Washington. The polarization is damaging to our country and we’re seeing another symptom of it.”

Tea Party Responds

Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for the group Tea Party Patriots stated “We must know how many more lies they have been telling and how high up the chain the cover-up goes. It appears the IRS committed crimes and violated our ability to exercise our First Amendment right to free speech. A simple apology is not sufficient reparation for violating the constitutional rights of United States citizens. Therefore, Tea Party Patriots rejects the apology from the Internal Revenue Service.”

Prior Congressional Investigation

Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified there was no targeting at a March 2012 hearing before the House Ways and Means. Appointed by former President George W. Bush and confirmed by the Democrat-controlled Senate, Shulman completed his term in November 2012. The IRS Commissioner position is currently vacant, with duties performed by the head of the division under scrutiny.

Next Steps

The House Ways and Means demanded documents and the names and titles of all IRS employees involved no later than next Wednesday. The committee also issued a list of 10 questions it will ask agency officials at an upcoming hearing. Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) promised the IRS will be held accountable for its actions.

Irreversible Damage

Although the Inspector General’s investigative report will be issued within days (check back for a new blog post on its findings), the election is over and the Tea Party organizations were distracted from their outreach efforts. Voting is a constitutional right and is not to be interfered with. Will the Department of Justice investigate and prosecute the offenders as vehemently as they have sued states that passed voter ID laws? Not likely. Will citizens file class-action lawsuits for interference with their constitutional rights to vote?

Conservative Tea Party candidates won big in 2010. Were the actions by the IRS retaliation for those victories? Is this a prelude to the 2014 mid-term elections and the 2016 presidential campaigns? What risks do we Americans face when IRS staff have full access to our health insurance and health care information and can impose penalties under ObamaCare if they so deem? Demand the truth. Demand accountability. We are a Red Nation Rising.

4 thoughts on “IRS Targets Conservatives (Pt 1)

  1. One thing they claimed was that the Tea Party was dead. If that’s the case, do you think they would’ve targeted Tea Party nonprofits and other similar organizations, or do you think they did this to lessen their influence in the 2012 elections? You are correct, Republicans trounced the Democrats in 2010. They won 63 House and 6 Senate seats in 2010, the biggest upset since 1946. They give credit to this landslide to anger over the passing of the worst piece of legislation ever passed so we could see what’s in it. What do you think this will do in 2014 when that same piece of legislation’s tentacles infiltrate every persons and businesses pocketbooks? There is a silver lining in this, interest in the Tea Party will skyrocket and the Red Nation Rising will become a tsunami! God bless America, the Tea Party and the United States of America!

      1. My pleasure, but I meant to say…God bless Red Nation Rising, the Tea Party and the United States of America.

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