Is the AP Scandal a Scandal?

@winthrop_ann & @rednationrising

This morning on Fox News, the exchange heated up between Laura Ingram and Bill O’Reilly over whether the AP phone records scandal was really a scandal. I think by tonight, Bill may have changed his tune.

Determining which of Obama’s current scandals will hurt him the most is difficult, with that I do agree, but does it matter? In the end, it was a list of offenses that brought Richard Nixon to his knees, not a single scandal. But determining whether this particular act raises to the level of illegality and abuse of power. Well, that’s easy, and that’s a scandal.

Was it legal?

That’s the easy part. Regardless of whether there really is a DOJ investigation, in order to legally seize phone records in this way – from a media organization, without prior notification – the law is clear. Certain criteria must be met. Among others:

  • the seizure must be narrow in scope (this reportedly involved ~100 AP employees)
  • the government must exhaust all other methods of investigation
  • Yes! To conduct the seizure without meeting this criteria is unlawful.

    Was it smart?

    With two other scandals on the horizon, and the AP one of the media outlets taking it easy on the White House, of course it wasn’t smart. It’s one thing to spy on your enemies, but this is poking an angry friend. Believe it or not, the AP still holds a lot of power, they take themselves very seriously, and they have many, very good lawyers. This move was just stupid.

    Add to that the fact that they are the AP and they hold the power of being the most prolific news wire in this great nation, we should probably bump it up to moronic.

    Then why did they do it?

    This may be the trillion dollar question. Why would the DOJ, in April 2012, before the story they cited as questionable was even published, seize press phone records. Consider the timing.

  • the Republican debates were over, and primaries were coming to an end
  • the IRS targeted conservative groups refused to slink away quietly
  • the news on Benghazi would not die
  • the first news of whistle blowers was starting to leak
  • the White House knew that Gregory Hicks wanted to tell his story
  • All things must be considered in context, and these three scandals are no different. Decide for yourself. A criminal investigation of a classified leak. Or an attempt to further identify and intimidate anyone who dare tell the truth about them.

    Our choice is clear now. Socialist despotism, or vote Red.

    One thought on “Is the AP Scandal a Scandal?

    1. Everything Obeyme does, as well as this scandal, Benghazi and the IRS scandal is directly out of Saul Alinksy’s book Rules For Radicals. I will post a link momentarily to the book that will allow you to read it online. I implore everyone to read it. To understand Otraitor, one must understand his greatest mentor!

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