Do They Lie?

Via Shannon Marie Prouty @IrishRebel67

They lie. Susan Rice lied on five Sunday talk shows. Hillary lied before an investigative committee. Jay Carney lied at his White House Press Conferences. Obama not only lied, but was part of a coverup to protect his re-election. Obama — and his handlers — orchestrated their whole series of lies.

Watergate was bad? Bill Clinton’s White Water was bad? These cannot even compare to what has happened under the watch of Barack Hussein Obama.

Four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya with denials for help from two men on the roof (Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods) who were killed with Mortar fire. Tripoli had fighter jets ready to go and there was a drone above the consulate. To KNOWINGLY deny help to men that were sent over to defend a consulate and an ambassador in a KNOWN terrorist attack, is a crime.

The Benghazi crime cannot be ignored or denied. It is a crime that begs justice for the families of the men who lost their lives. It is a crime which begs for justice for the American people who have been lied to.

Blue Democrats seek to blame everything on Bush. The Obama Administration targeted Tea Party, Patriots and Conservatives. How can an administration that is supposed to run this country continue to place blame on everyone else rather than take responsibility for what they have created through ignorance and denial?

The Benghazi “Whistle Blowers” were immediately attacked by the Blue Dems in the recent hearing before congress. The Blue Dems tried to undermine and discredit them. The Blue Dems are complicit in a terrible cover-up regarding the facts and truth surrounding the death of four good Americans in Benghazi AND they attack the Whistleblowers for telling the truth? WHAT!?

Obama, Jay Carney, and the Blue Dems make false accusations against Republicans. The truth is apolitical, but ALL credit to the brave members of the GOP pursuing the truth.

Never has there ever been more overwhelming evidence to move for an impeachment. If William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton and Richard Milhous Nixon’s actions as US Presidents warranted impeachment then these reprehensible, unconstitutional, treasonous actions by Barack Hussein Obama and many, many others on the side of the Blue Dems warrant impeachment.

They’ve crossed the Red Line (forget Syria) of the good, decent American people. They lie. We are a Red Nation against the liars. Keep it up.

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