IRS Targets Conservatives (Pt 4) – Exposing Monetary Bias!

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Our fourth in a continuing blog series on the IRS scandal focuses on the campaign donations made by IRS employees to, wait for it, no seriously wait for it, Barack Obama’s campaign! Color me surprised that the IRS employees would be more than happy to target Obama’s opponents during the 2010 mid-term elections and 2012 presidential election and perhaps beyond, and use their positions within the IRS to accomplish their goal. This is nothing short of abuse of power. And I am not talking about low-level employees.

Financial Fingerprints Lead to the Director of IRS Tax-Exempt Determinations Office and Other IRS Employees

According to National Review Online (“NRO”), citing Open Secrets, Holly Paz, manager in Exempt Organizations’ Guidance office, a then resident in Bethesda, Maryland, made two separate $1,000 contributions to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Citing the Center for Responsive Politics research, NRO reported 2012 campaign contributions by IRS employees of $48,827 for Obama (100 employees) compared to $20,361 (25 employees) for Mitt Romney. Compare this to the 2008 campaign where Obama received $59,959 compared to just $1,950 by John McCain.
Referencing IRS documents, NRO also reported Kim Kitchens, a 2012 Obama campaign donor, appears to have worked in the agency’s Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements office in Cincinnati, Ohio, which RED NATION SHALL REFER TO AS “Scandal Central”.
Oversight Committee Demands Holly Paz and Others Appear for Sworn Testimony

In their letter of May 15, 2013, Representatives Issa (R-CA) and Jordan (R-OH) demanded Steven Miller, who suddenly resigned the same day, make Ms. Paz, Ms. Hofacre and Messrs. Shafer, Muthert and Herr available for depositions (verbatim record under oath) beginning Monday, May 20th. Fox News reports Mr. Miller is still expected to appear at Friday’s Ways and Means hearing.

RED NATION RISING has learned Ms. Paz and Mr. Herr are attorneys, licensed to practice in Washington, D.C. and that Mr. Herr’s license is suspended. According to her official IRS bio, Ms. Paz’s work “often involves coordination with the Office of Chief Counsel and the Treasury Department on legislative and technical issues, as well as providing information to the tax writing committees of Congress.”

Unanswered Questions

Is Mr. Miller’s sudden resignation a delay tactic? Will Congress receive the electronic and paper records demanded? How will the IRS employees respond when questioned under oath? How much of the taxpayers’ precious dollars will be paid to high-priced lawyers to defend the scum within the IRS? What connections with their lawyers have to Obama, Holder, Clinton and Soros? Will Congress use their subpoena power to go after these employees’ personal financial records? Does the Congressional staff have the competence to follow the money trail? Which of the involved employees also owe back taxes? Is there enough courage from the Committee Chairs to do what’s needed and subpoena Obama’s campaign donor records? Where will the trail lead? These and many other questions need to be answered. Demand the truth. Demand accountability. We are a Red Nation Rising.

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