The Butterfly Effect

In Physics, the “Butterfly Effect” is the idea, used in chaos theory, that a very small difference in the initial state of a physical system can make a significant difference to the state at some later time.  Chill… this post isn’t about physics, exactly.  It is to make a special announcement!  But the Butterfly Effect is important.  Its theory is that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil might ultimately cause a hurricane in Texas.

Red Nation Rising — our Grassroots movement of Conservatives, Centrists, Libertarians and Patriots UNITING against Blue Dems and RINOs — is experiencing a Butterfly Effect.  We first flapped our wings a few days after Obama was re-elected with a single Tweet.  And now? Now we are a hurricane somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean beading in on Washington, DC.

The growth of Red Nation Rising has been chaotic.  It’s been unpredictable.  Like a butterfly flapping its wings.

All of us have  done some things to shape the Red Nation Rising chaos.  Including reading this post (by the way, PLEASE share it on Twitter or Facebook using the buttons below!).  

Largely, there is a general randomness to how Red Nation Rising continues to grow organically across social media and the Internet.  It’s chaotic.  But it’s working.

We’ve coalesced in the most random fashion.  Red Nation Rising has been described as “an Internet phenomenon.”   We’re bringing gale force winds from coast to coast.  North, South, East and West are experiencing growing grassroots Red Nation Rising.  Like a cyclone.

Amidst our Red Nation Rising chaos there is some order.  

For example, this Blog!  An incredible designer, Blog Editor, terrific writers.  This blog regularly exceeds 64 knots per hour as we whip up fresh, original posts rivaling the best you’ll engage with anywhere.  Please read them.  Our posts rival the best anywhere.  

Another example of Red Nation Rising chaos being the best is the Red Nation Rising Facebook Page.  The growth on Facebook has been disruptive.  We ROCK compared to competing Pages.  We are, truly, leading the field.

Which brings me to the point of this post!!  

I’m so happy to announce Shannon Prouty as the Red Nation Rising Facebook Community Page Manager!!  Shannon will be a dedicated Manager.  She will shape Red Nation Rising’s unpredictable — yet forceful — digital footprint.  She’ll bring some order to the chaos and the viral growth!

Shannon is a Tempest.  A butterfly who has flapped her wings.  Funneled together with Twitter and this blog, Shannon makes our Facebook Page a Conservative Category 5 taking out Obama, Blue Dems and the RINOs.  Flap those wings, butterflies.

Shannon has been a Red Nation Rising contributor for several months.  She has been part of a very special, integral team who contribute to the cause.  

Shannon believes.  Her Hurricane Eye for graphics and pictures combined with great writing skills and dedication are a Red Nation Rising imprimatur.  She’s that good!  

Most of Shannon’s Facebook posts on the Red Nation Rising Facebook Page go viral.  That bears repeating.  Most everything Shannon posts goes viral (according to Facebook’s internal metrics).  That’s very tough to do.  Shannon has an eye.

Here’s some info on Shannon …

I first interacted with Shannon on Twitter.  She is @IrishRebel67 and when she joined the Facebook Team, I was thrilled.  

Shannon Prouty is a Mother to 3 children.  Her eldest proudly serves in the USAF.  Shannon’s middle child has Autism.  Shannon’s baby girl is a first time Mom with a son of her own making this Irish Rebel a grandmother. Indeed, how perfectly Irish!

Shannon loves to write.  

She recently relocated from Minnesota to North Carolina and is in love with the Tar Heel State.  Shannon thinks it’s wonderful.  

Shannon holds her folks in high esteem.  Her parents raised her right.  She’s a Conservative who grew up in a Republican family.   Shannon is a strong Constitutionalist and believes very much in the values of our Founding Fathers.

Many Patriots died for our Freedom.  Shannon honors their sacrifices.

Shannon wants Americans to remain a free people with no infringements upon our rights.  When she was given a copy of the Declaration of Independence at age 6, Shannon instantaneously knew our Founding Fathers did it right.  History fascinates her; she revels in stories of our country’s raw beginnings. (Keep flapping, butterflies).

Shannon believes in America with a deep love for country.  She respects our military.  Her ancestors died in the Civil War.  Shannon’s Grandpa was enlisted.  When Shannon was a kid, her Dad took her to visit fallen relatives’ graves on Veteran’s Day.  

Her Dad taught Shannon to respect the military.  Shannon vociferously advocates for POW’s and supports soldiers.  She regularly attends Memorial Day ceremonies.  Taps moves her to tears.  Taps has a special meaning for her.  She’s heard them at a service for someone she loved.

Shannon is steadfast.  She believes we need to return to the grassroots.  We must return or suffer the destruction of the USA.  

Shannon makes an incredibly compelling case that if politicians and/or law makers are not doing their job then we need to question their authority.   A final quote from Shannon. “When pushed up against the wall push back twice as hard. Molon Labe always, 1776 style.” – Shannon Marie Prouty

Can Red Nation Rising ask for a better Facebook Manager?  Nope.  Shannon’s tip top.  I’ve never met her.  Yet she’s a dear friend.  I’m touched.  Very touched.

Thank you, and Congratulations, Shannon.

Thank you Red Nation Rising.  Be that butterfly.  Spread your wings.  Please continue to help us to organize and be that difference in a chaotic world.  

Shannon may need help.  She may need people posting, commenting, engaging.  Every single LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE counts and pushes Red Nation Rising higher and higher.  

If you are able to assist on this blog, Twitter, or Facebook — or in any way — we’d love to have you participating!

Thank you, Red Nation Rising.

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