IRS Targets Conservatives (Pt 9) – Legal Eagle Claims Lerner Waived 5th

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Renowned Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Chimes In

Alan Dershowitz during his recent interview with Newsmax, agreed with Representative Gowdy and declared IRS’ Director clearly waived her Fifth Amendment Right and can be held in contempt for failing to answer questions posed by the House Oversight Committee.

Known as a self-proclaimed liberal, Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor, who previously praised Ted Cruz’s intelligence, knows of what he speaks.

“You can’t simply make statements about a subject and then plead the Fifth in response to questions about the very same subject,” Dershowitz mentioned during the Newsmax interview and went on to add: “Once you open the door to an area of inquiry, you have waived your Fifth Amendment right . . . you’ve waived your self-incrimination right on that subject matter…The law is as clear as could be, that once you open up an area of inquiry, you can’t shut off the spigot – that’s the metaphor that the Supreme Court has used.”

Unanswered Questions

Will Issa subpoena Lerner and require her to answer questions before the Oversight Committee?  If she refuses to answer questions, will she be held in contempt?  If held in contempt will she be jailed?  Will Issa push for a special prosecutor?  Will the Democrats on the Committee fawn all over her and commend her for doing an excellent job as an IRS Director?  How many of the Committee members contacted the IRS office to encourage targeting of Conservative organizations?  Demand the truth.  Demand accountability.  We are a Red Nation Rising.

IRS Tyrant Lois Lerner
IRS Tyrant Lois Lerner
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