IRS Targets Conservatives (Pt 10) – Has Retaliation Begun?

Sandy @Orangeone4
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Fantastic radio host Dana Loesch (@dloesch) broke the story after being contacted by Mr. Conners’ legal counsel! Apparently KMOV dismissed Larry Conners, an award-winning reporter whose career spanned 27 years, for posting an observation about the IRS scandal on Facebook. Mark Pimentel, KMOV TV’s President claimed in their official statement: “his actions made it impossible for him to report for KMOV on certain political matters going forward without at least an appearance of bias.”

Well it appears KMOV isn’t fairing too well on their own Facebook page. One FB post says: “Welcome to KMOV, where acts of journalism will not be tolerated.” Another post reads: “It is clear you are no longer media, but flat out propagandists. Welcome 1984.” One of my favorites: “Move along Larry, we are all following you!” Speaking of following, be sure to show your support and follow Larry Conners on Twitter @LarryConnersUSA

Larry Conners Speaks to Dana Loesch

Just one day after KMOV dismissed Mr. Conners, Dana Loesch interviewed him on her radio show. Mark Pimentel, KMOV TV’s President & General Manager was invited but did not appear.

Made to read a state on-air before he was terminated, which he says was misleading, Larry Conners responded to Dana when asked about the statement: “I did not write that statement and I think someone should ask who did write it.” So Dana tweeted @KMOV and asked the question. No reply was been received.

Asked about the FB post that resulted in his termination, Mr. Conners made it very clear that KMOV encouraged their staff to post things that were engaging with their audiences. In fact, just a few days prior he received an email to post personal perspectives on stories.

Although Mr. Conners admits he had prior tax issues before the Obama interview, he said the IRS threatened to pull his payment plan for back taxes after his hard-hitting interview with Obama.

Tune in to Dana’s radio program, she promises to keep us informed!


In April 2012, Mr. Conners interviewed Barack Obama. He wasn’t provided with a long interview period, but he was able to convey to Obama that many of his viewers who were struggling to make ends meet were frustrated seeing the first family ‘jetting around’ to different vacations and suggested they feel he is out of touch. Obama became very defensive very quickly.

Unanswered Questions

Who will be the next victim punished for telling Americans the truth? Is this in any way connected to the targeting of FOX’s reporter Rosen or the seizure of records from the AP? What, if any, secret goings on has the government be using to target Mr. Conners? Demand the truth. Demand accountability. We are a Red Nation Rising.

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