Separation of Sport and Politics

Written By: YoungConservativeUSA, @Steve0423

Blue Dems and Liberals are unsportsmanlike.  They claim to promote fairness, but are dirty, unfair cheaters.  One example is how Blue Dems change the meaning of words in their continued attack against America and our traditions, including sports.

Words Mean Things  

When a Blue Dem doesn’t like something about a word, they seek to change the definition.  And they don’t even have the common decency to tell you.  That’s cheating!

One word the Blue Dems don’t like is sport.  Why?  Because a necessary element of sport is competition and the Blue Dems don’t like competition.

sport |spôrt|


1.) an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Politically Correct Cheaters

Using political correctness, Blue Dems remove competition from sport.  They are changing the definition.  The Blue Dems are cheaters!

Over the years, sport becomes less competitive as “political correctness” seeps in at youth sports level.  The incentive to compete to win has been largely removed.  Kids are told to just go out and “have fun.”  This cheats kids, parents, local communities and America.

Winning isn’t everything, IT’S THE ONLY THING

Winning a competition provides a reward for kids to better themselves.  Growing up playing little league baseball, I’d ask Coach, “What’s the score?”  His response, “Don’t worry about it, just go have fun.” That’s a great disservice.

If children cannot learn the exhilarating feeling of winning as well as the ability to lose graciously, they will be unable to cope with harsh realities of the real world as young adults.  This relates to the state of affairs with many young adults today who’ve been told to go out and just have fun.

Sports just aren’t what they used to be and politics is to blame.  Political correctness has no place in sports.  Let individuals compete in an arena free of political influence and we may once again have… good, old-fashioned COMPETITION.

Red Nation Rising Is Winning

In a highly competitive field, Red Nation Rising might be the fastest growing, most widespread grassroots political movement in history.  Though it’s entirely grassroots, Red Nation Rising has been viral on social media and the Internet for 6 months straight!  Growing legions of good, decent Americans support the movement.

It’s fair to say Red Nation Rising is winning.  But not for sport.  Red Nation Rising is winning — and MUST win — to stop the political correctness destroying America.

We are a Red Nation Rising against the Blue Dems and RINOs.  We will get rid of political correctness in American culture.  We will win back America.  We have better than a sporting chance, eh?

Keep it up.  Keep competing.  Win.

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