Something Special

Something special is happening.  Very special.  

The growing Senator Ted Cruz @SenTedCruz movement is special.  The growing Senator Rand Paul @SenRandPaul movement is special.  And the growing Red Nation Rising @RedNationRising movement is special.  

Recently Twitter hashtags #CruzToVictory, #StandWithRand and #RedNationRising have all been at various times distinguished as Twitter’s Top Trend Worldwide.    

Creating a hashtag which Trends is an incredibly special social media accomplishment.  When I started the #RedNationRising hashtag, three weeks later it trended Twitter and became the Number One Worldwide trend.  

#RedNationRising trends Twitter occasionally and the number of people who use it on a daily basis is staggering, but more important to me is that so many good, decent people are uniting in grassroots fashion to take America back around the hashtag and the many other Red Nation Rising applications, such as the Facebook Page and this Blog.  We are rising!  

Senators Cruz and Paul are rising, too.  It’s special.

Rand Paul is rising.  He rose, stood up and fillibustered.  His actions were legal and moral and proper.  He inspired others to rise in support, including Senator Cruz.  He inpired many of us to rise.  And when #StandWithRand trended Twitter, many Tweeps saw fit to include #RedNationRising in their #StandWithRand tweets.  That blew me away.

Ted Cruz is rising.  He is like a rocket ship!  The clip of Senator Cruz questioning Feinstein over her infringing the Second Amendment still gets me jumping!  

As #CruzToVictory trended Twitter with the help of Erick Erickson Editor-in-chief of, nearly 500 Tweeps included #RedNationRising with #CruzToVictory in their tweets and retweets to support the movement for Cruz.  Something special, indeed.

It’s special to me, as the founder of Red Nation Rising, because people are independently associating and pollinating these other hashtags.  Red Nation Rising is truly a viral, organic, grassroots movement.  It might be the fastest growing, most widespread grassroots political movement in social media history.  Since the very first Tweet  “One Tweet Can Change The World” #RedNationRising has been viral on Twitter with BILLIONS of Impressions, the Red Nation Rising facebook Page is viral, and this Blog has been getting amazing traffic.

We are taking America back from the Blue Dems and RINOs.  Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul are perhaps the greatest Social Warriors we have in the Senate.  They are rising.  We are a Red Nation Rising.  We’re something special.  Keep rising.  

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