Be Extreme

Paraphrasing Cicero, Barry Goldwater famously declared in his bold speech at the 1964 Republican Convention, “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Be Extreme, Embrace the Truth

Welcome to 2013.  Don’t be a moderate.  Don’t compromise.  Be extreme.

The truth — a quality Blue Dems disdain — is that Obama is a failure.  That may seem extreme.  It’s not.  Obama’s failures of leadership cement his Wall of Shame across America and people are waking up.  Obama’s failures blot the sands of shame from coast to coast and reach sand as far away as Benghazi.  Obama is a failure and the slow death of freedom globally is being stopped despite Obama — and the Blue Dem Socialists in Congress — undermining the greatest bulwark ever erected by a freedom-loving people, the United States Constitution.

Obama’s failures proclaim weak leadership. He obscures the truth on purpose.  Obama incites sworn enemies — foreign and domestic — to new aggressions and to new excesses against liberty.  The Blue Dems and the Obama administration seek to divide; Red Nation Rising is fighting back.  We are uniting Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots.

Obama’s IRS Stole Election 2012 

The Obama Administration used the IRS to divide forces which would have beat him in 2012.

OUR civil servants — our employees! — attacked the Tea Party, Conservatives, Patriots, journalists, and good, decent Americans.  The Federal Government targeting of Conservatives (Obama’s enemies — the good, decent American people) is tyranny.  It is a cruel and oppressive government rule.  This was far, far, far worse than a mere scandal.

Obama is far, far, far worse than Nixon.  Obama’s IRS STOLE an Election.

Keep Rising

Welcome to America, 2013.  Don’t be a moderate.  Don’t compromise.  Be extreme!

We are a Red Nation Rising against Obama and the Blue Dems failing America.  We are a Red Nation Rising to ensure Obama ultimately fails from the IRS thievery.  Keep rising!

Be extreme… Follow Red Nation Rising: On Twitter and Facebook and Join Us!

*taken, with extreme Liberties, from the text of Barry Goldwater’s 1964 speech

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