Author Bob Zeidman Q & A – Part 1

A New Feature

I’m positively elated to introduce an exciting new feature for Red Nation Rising… Interviews With Authors! I thought about calling this fresh facet “Read Nation Rising.”  Please let us know your thoughts on that title and this feature in the comments below, on The Twitter or on Facebook.

The idea is to introduce and promote Centrist, Conservative, Libertarian or Patriot authors to growing numbers in the Red Nation Rising social community.  We’ll publish a couple of posts here on this blog with some “Questions and Answers” and then follow-up with a live Twitter Chat.  This will allow for readers to interact with a Red Nation Rising Featured Author.

Hope you enjoy it!

Author Bob Zeidman

This edition’s Red Nation Rising Featured Author is Bob Zeidman.

Bob is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, and film maker who is also a software engineer, parallel entrepreneur, mathematician, and expert witness. How cool is that?  What an honor to have such an accomplished individual.

Bob lives in Silicon Valley where those kinds of activities are the norm.  I need to pitch Bob on my plans for a Red Nation Rising App.  It involves a Ted Cruz like Senator hurling the US Constitution at Blue Dems and RINOs during a joint session of Congress, a la Angry Birds.  It’s going to be huge.

I forget how Bob and I connected, but it was on Twitter.  Maybe at #RedNationRising. I’ve read the first four chapters of his book, Good Intentions, and I am really enjoying it.  I’ll strive to finish it before our Twitter Chat, which should be scheduled in about 3 weeks.  So check out his book and stay tuned for the live Twitter Chat.

Good Intentions

Good Intentions is about a future United States that has become the ultimate nanny state.  One man, Winston Jones, is chosen by the mysterious Fairness for EveryBody Society to be the next president because he has the required makeup — ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, etc. — to “fairly represent the diversity of America.”

The book is his reluctant adventure to discover what America is about and how to get it back to its real values. He comes across many clashing groups including “The Documented,” a group of legal aliens that refuse to break the law and thus get no government entitlements.

He also comes in contact with Radical Femlamism, a bizarre melding of Radical Feminism and Radical Islam. All along he’s tracked by the Freedman Group, a collection of “subversives” who believe in free market capitalism and secretly run businesses without government interference.


The book has won awards, gets incredibly favorable ratings on Amazon, and the first four chapters had me laughing.  Thus far, it’s been a great political satire about a future U.S. nanny state that controls our lives.

Q & A (Questions and Answers) of Author Bob Zeidman

Q.) What inspired you to write your book, Good Intentions?

A.) I had been creating the people and events in the book in my mind for years. My “inspirations,” if you can call them that, were the events in our country and in our world. I see a naïve turn toward “social justice” and other means for making everyone “equal.” Rather than celebrating achievement and success, our society wants to celebrate mediocrity (except in sports, the one still-sacred area where people would riot if there was affirmative action or “mainstreaming” of underperforming athletes).

During the 2012 election I was particularly incensed that business success was denigrated by the left so absolutely. My father’s generation came home from a war to start their businesses, large and small, and build this country. I live in Silicon Valley where businesses turned sleepy farming towns into centers of technological revolution. Yet government is trying to control and limit all that. And steal from the business people in the form of taxes while courting them at the same time.

Q.) It does seem like all these tech firms were Obama supporters, but outside of the public eye they disdain Obama and the taxation.  Any other inspirations for Good Intentions?

A.) I was also inspired by a number of books I read in my youth about dystopias. Animal Farm by George Orwell had a big influence. I read it in one evening when I was in my teens, but I thought about it for the rest of my life. It was fun and easy to read but had a great point and made a significant impact on the world by exposing the idiocy and indecency of Communism.

Q.) Well said.  Any other media inspiration?  TV?

A.) I caught a made-for-TV movie on public television in 1972, when I was 12, called Between Time and Timbuktu (public TV does do some good stuff, I just don’t want to pay for all of it). It was an adaption of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut. The whole thing was tongue-in-cheek, as was Vonnegut’s style, but it made some great points that stuck with me for years. In particular, the episode based on the short story “Harrison Bergeron” is about a society where everyone must be equal, and this is enforced by the government. Those with athletic ability must wear weights to slow them down. Those who are beautiful or handsome must wear masks. The production was silly yet haunting, and I thought about it a lot as I wrote my book.

Q.) I loved that in Chapter 3, I believe, where the kids are playing a game and are all padded up under government cameras and all matches must end in a tie. Well done.  Good Intentions has been described as Kafka meets Ayn Rand?

A.) Of course, Atlas Shrugged was an inspiration. I only read it after Obama came into office in 2008. I had wanted to read it for a long time, but it only took on urgency after that election. I wanted to prepare for the future, and I was impressed and depressed by how much it sounded like today’s world. My complaint, though, is that the characters are too one-dimensional and the book is filled with really long expositions that, even to a believer like me, became really tedious and didn’t move the story along. I decided I wanted to rewrite Atlas Shrugged in the manner of Orwell or Vonnegut. I wanted something profound yet fun to read. I didn’t want casual readers to be turned off.  I hope I’ve succeeded.

More Q & A Coming Soon

This concludes the first part of the Q&A with Bob Zeidman.  Stay tuned for the 2nd Part in this Interview With the Author, early next week and stay tuned for upcoming Twitter Chat to interact with Bob.

As always, thank you for all your support.  We are a Red Nation Rising and we are perhaps the fastest growing, most widespread grassroots movement and social community in history.  I really hope you’ll enjoy this new feature.  Thanks, again.

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