Obama is a Petulant Child

Obama has always looked like a small man — with a big mouth — to roughly half the country.  But they were wrong.  Obama’s not a man… he’s a petulant child.  More and more of us Americans (and the Global population) see that, now.

Obama is a Modern American Dunce

Obama is a slow-learning kid.  No?  Watch him at any recent press conference.  He often stands there, painfully, waiting for his script.  Other dims stand-by, behind their leader, poker-faced praying for a pair. Which, of course, we know Obama has always lacked.  He’s a bluff.

His whole lot of miscreants, sans plans, front the greatest people of any nation this Earth has ever known.  They mask their quivers.  We do not.

Obama is a bony President.  He and his rug rats can’t hide.  It’s time to grab them — by the ears — and march straight to the principal’s office.

The Dog Ate It

Obama doesn’t do homework.  Maybe Michelle swallowed that responsibility for him.  It shows on the both of them.  If you care to look, that is.

But ‘Bo barks!  ‘Bo ruffs!  Yes, he is a good little pup. Obama plays well with the media lapdogs.

But ‘Bo don’t know.  ‘Bo can’t comprehend.  Bobo can’t hardly articulate a single worthy statement without some bone thrown from a teleprompter.  No?  Watch closely now.  Obama’s been a bad boy.  His whole survival is from a cheat sheet.

No Mo’ Bo

Little Boy, Barry, Blue wanders our nation’s hallways (to the tune of $100 million for his most recent vacation) and he’s a lost dog.  He — and the Blue Dems he represents — just don’t know it. Yet.

Men and women are rising.  Ordinary people.  Grassroots people.

Recently, the New York Times gave Master O an “F.”  The Grey Lady editorialized Obama’s administration ‘has now lost all credibility’  (the “Paper of Record” drastically revised their commission and essentially up-graded Obama to a “C.”  Leave no child behind, eh?). Ahem.

Stand By Your Man Lad

The New York Times should have stood by what they wrote.  They are, after all, the NY Times.  Words mean things.

Maybe the New York Times Editorial Staff flip flopped when Big Bad Mama Jarrett — or Call Me Maybe ‘Lil Jay Carney — threw some fit about their failing issue; their child.

Obama’s In Trouble

So we rise.  Off our favorite chair.

We’re giving puny Obama a big Time-out.  We are this child’s parents.  Because it might be uncomfortable for some to be harsh, we’ll have Congress do it.  If not, We The People are ready, willing, and able.

Obama’s been a bad boy. Very bad.  Time to hold the little one accountable.  Time to punish a growing number of misdeeds in the carnival-ready –> Obama Scandal Spinning Wheel.

Whip the Beltway

If Congress doesn’t do their job, we will.  We’ll send ALL of them to bed without dinner.

If they still don’t listen, we’ll toughen up, and take out the belt.  Yep.  The belt’s coming out.  And If they don’t get the message, we’re kicking them out of the house. And the Senate.

Whip ’em.  Whip ’em good.

Keep it Up. We are a Red Nation Rising.

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