IRS Training With AR-15s?

What the heck is the IRS doing training to use AR-15’s?  One great congressman, the Homeland Security Oversight Chair, wants answers.

According to an article issued by The Blaze today, Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC) (@RefJeffDuncan) tweeted yesterday that he observed IRS agents training with AR-15s when he toured the Department of Homeland Security a few weeks back.  He’s already asking questions!

In a series, he tweeted:

A few weeks ago when I toured a DHS facility I saw #IRS agents training with AR-15s. I’m looking into the issue now. #PJNET

There are many reasons to ask why #IRS needs heavy firepower. For one, were 17 million in debt. Two, is it even appropriate? #PJNET

Getting a lot of tweets abt #IRS using AR-15s. Yes I mean #IRS not ICE. I’m the homeland oversight chair & observed during a tour #PJNET

And if anyone doubts Rep. Duncan knows his firearms, this says it all:

Jeff Duncan target

Click here to see his tweets within The Blaze article.


Now one must ask, why does the IRS need to train with AR-15s?  Is the IRS’ response to being questioned about the targeting scandal of Conservative organizations to arm up?  As Rep. Duncan points out in responsive tweets, the IRS has law enforcement officers but they do not carry AR-15s.  Is the IRS concerned about implementation of ObamaCare? Was this training included in the ObamaCare funding?  Were background checks performed on each of the IRS employees to ensure they are legally entitled to possess a firearm?  Are the IRS employees even US citizens?  How will the arming of IRS agents fit into this Administration’s “gun safety” narrative which is code for “disarm law-abiding American citizens”?

IF you are not following Rep. Duncan on Twitter, click here to go to his Twitter home page.  Once following, tweet him “Thanks for defending the Constitution. Love #RedNationRising”

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