Red November Rain – 2014 Senate Races

Here we go.  Seven months ago the mainstream media declared us dead. They said Obama had a mandate. Pfft.  More like a prison date. Especially if you give Obama’s Scandal Spinning Wheel a whirl.  But the media was wrong.  We’re not dead… we’re Red!  We don’t quit, ever, and we’re rising.

Keep Rising

We are a Red Nation Rising against Obama, the Blue Dems & RINOs.  We are a Red Nation Rising for the Constitution, Rule of Law and UNITY amongst Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots.

Below is some info on a few 2014 Senate Races.  We’re going to sweep them all.  When I first Tweeted #RedNationRising (One Tweet Can Change The World) I knew it would happen.  Since then, Obama and the Blue Dems have been cratering, just cratering.  Because We The People are rising together as a social community and a viral grassroots group.

Red Nation Rising Road Trip

I’m developing plans for a “Red Nation Rising Road Trip” this Fall with several Conservative bloggers to visit key sections of important purple states and generate some excitement locally.  Imagine how educational that would be!  We’ll get some crowds together, invite Tea Party, Patriot and other Conservative groups and just rip it up Red Nation Rising style using social media, the Internet and together in person!  The Red Nation Rising Road Trip could STUN the political establishment (if you have any ideas or suggestions to help make the Red Nation Rising Road Trip happen, please let me know).

Now let there be a Red November Rain this 2014!

Here’s some U.S. Senate races from a list compiled by my hardcore conservative friend from Twitter, Kevin Tobey. Please check out the sites linked below and if you’re on Twitter, please Follow these challengers.

South Carolina

The Palmetto State has Richard Cash running against Republican Lindsey Graham.  I like Senator Graham on Benghazi. But his cloture vote was anti-Second Amendment and he’s an utter mess on Immigration (Vote NO, Senator, and maybe you’ll survive).  Plus, Graham’s relationship with Democrat John McCain is just plain weird.  Cash Website –>

North Carolina

Old North? Tar Heel?  Whichever nickname North Carolinans prefer, they’re going to choose Greg Brannon running against Democrat Kay Hagan.  Kay Hagan is finished.  I’m very excited for this election because she’s going to get trounced.  In fact, I plan to visit North Carolina several times to help make that happen.  My sister — a great conservative — and her hubby just moved to Charlotte from New York.  They’ll be voting for Bannon.  Also, there are some key Red Nation Rising contributors in North Carolina and I can’t wait to meet them.  If Kay’s social media team is reading this, forget writing campaign materials.  Work on your resumes.   Brannon website –>


Republican Paul Broun to replace retiring Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss.  So long, Saxby.  It would be great to visit Georgia.  Old South!  Go get ‘em, Doc.  Broun website –>


Tom Cotton running against Democrat Mark Pryor.  Tom Cotton has been named by Politico as “Most Likely To Succeed.”  Great!  I think Pryor voted for the Second Amendment and against the Gun Grabbers.  That’s terrific, but he’s a Blue Dem.  Which means… he’s gotta go.  After all, this is a Red Nation Rising from coast to coast! Yes, even in California and New York.  Cotton website –>


Republican Jaime McMillan running against Democrat Mark Udall.  Some people think Texas or South Carolina is where a Second American Revolution would start.  I don’t.  I think it would be in jurisdictions where local state government has gone way, way, WAY too far.  States like New York, California and sadly, Colorado.  Let’s get people like McMillan in (here’s a hashtag for you Jaime, #McMillan4CO) so we can turn things around, avoid secession or other unpleasantness, and re-embrace the freedoms which have made America exceptional.  Please support McMillan.  He sometimes Tweets at #RedNationRising!  McMillan website –>

Many, many thanks for all your support.

@JimLysaght (Founded the Red Nation Rising social community and viral grassroots movement after tweeting #RedNationRising from the @NObamaChat Twitter account several days after the utterly disastrous 2012 Election)

Twitter: @RedNationRising

3 thoughts on “Red November Rain – 2014 Senate Races

  1. I think revisiting the ConCon plan for 2014 will be a good idea. Only let’s designate delegates from each state and take our movement to CPAC 2014 as congressional campaigns begin. I’ll be happy to represent Virginia

    David P. Southall
    Blue Collar Patriots
    Pocoshock Precinct Captain
    Virginia Republican Convention Delegate

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