Revisionist History Devastates

Recently I had an experience that I’ve struggled with sharing. It’s controversial and devastated the friend that experienced it, so I’ll tell the story with deference to my friend’s feelings and anonymity.


I ran into an African American friend not too long ago, and I knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. After the usual how are you’s, I inquired whether there was something on her mind. She looked down at the ground as she recounted what was bothering her.

Her entire life she had been told stories, urban legends really, about the organization for which I work (heretofore my org). Two highly charged and untrue stories of racism have plagued my org since the civil rights movement. There are mountains of evidence and witness testimony to prove the stories were completely fabricated, in a charged political environment, by people with an agenda. But they were completely made up stories. Out of thin air.

Trust but Verify

A few months ago, my friend found out, on her own, that these stories were completely untrue. The ‘Black History’ that she was taught, in these 2 instances, was a complete lie, and she was distraught. I knew the origins of the stories, when and why they were propagated, but I did not get into this with my friend. She was clearly devastated, and what I did do was try to comfort her. First and foremost, she is my friend.

I’ve always asserted, lies, especially politically charged lies, devastate the souls of both the the teller and the believer. In the end, I gave her one piece of advice: Trust but verify. Always. (Thanks President Reagan)

Brainwashed Blue Dems

Furthermore, do we need more evidence that the left has brainwashed their army of what THEY call useful idiots? What THEY don’t realize is that people are smarter than THEY thought. We are beginning to figure this out, on our own. THEY should check with the USSR on how that works out – oh wait, THEY can’t, it’s not around any more…hmmmm.

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