Help Needed!

Red Nation Rising is a very fast growing social community and growing grassroots movement.  Red Nation Rising started from a single Tweet (One Tweet Can Change The World) a few dark days after Election 2012 and shortly afterwards the hashtag went viral.

Grassroots, Viral, Engaging

The hashtag spawned social and digital media extensions of Red Nation Rising to (in order) Facebook, the Official Red Nation Rising Twitter account, the Red Nation Rising Digital Newspaper, and this Blog.  That’s our social community… and you’re in it!

Amazing growth has been challenging to manage.  Very challenging! Did you know all the wonderful contributors at #RedNationRising reach more than one million Twitter accounts every single day and the hashtag has made over 3 Billion (Billion with a capital ‘b’) Twitter Impressions in just over 7 months?

Similarly, Red Nation Rising grows every day on Twitter and Facebook with Follows, RTs, Replies, Likes, Comments, Shares, etc.  This blog is booming!  The number of visitors keeps rising to read the growing number of contributors and the feedback has been so positive.  Growing numbers of people are connecting with each other and engaging.  We are uniting.


Red Nation Rising is 100% grassroots and looking to get better organized.  There’s lots to do.

Whether it’s a blog submission, web editing, Facebook Page assistance, contributing on Twitter, ideas or other contribution we’re looking for help.  The mission is to unite centrists, conservatives, libertarians and patriots against the Blue Dems and RINOs operating against the Constitution, effectively destroying America.

Please Contact Us by filling out the form below, or send a message (“I’d like to help” ought to work) to any of the links below.

We will not share your information with any 3rd Party.  We are advocates for privacy. We don’t spam — we dislike those emails, too.

Thank you so much.  The growth and your support pushes us all harder.

Very truly yours,


Twitter: @RedNationRising or @NObamaChat

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