UPDATED: Phenomenal Black Conservative Politicians Emerging

UPDATED – Twitter Handles and Website Links Added!

In the last few months, we have seen America rise as a RED nation!  And we continue to rise and have touched off an awakening that can only occur in a free nation.  Great black conservative politicians are speaking up and pushing back against what they refer to as the government plantation.

We bring you two of these amazing black conservative politicians, (h/t:The Right Scoop) (@TheRightScoop), where this “just a blogger” first saw their You Tube videos.

State Senator Elbert Guillory

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory (@ElbertGuillory) is a graduate of Norfolk State University and attained his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University.  At 68 years of age, his inner conservative has surfaced and it happened in a remarkable way.  In response to Karen Carter Peterson’s May 29, 2013 allegations that Republicans are being racists for opposing the expansion of Medicaid in their state, State Senator Elbert Guillory responded:

“Not only am I African-American, I’m black.  Some decks only have one card in it and it’s the race card and I’m so sick of hearing it.”

This is when I realized I needed to learn more about this man, doubting that he was a Democrat but rather a Republican who would soon emerge. And emerge he has.

In a moving speech that went viral today, Senator Guillory explains why he became a Fredrick Douglass Republican.

“You see, at the heart of liberalism is the idea that only a great and powerful big government can be the benefactor of social justice for all Americans. But the left is only concerned with one thing — control. And they disguise this control as charity. Programs such as welfare, food stamps, these programs aren’t designed to lift black Americans out of poverty, they were always intended as a mechanism for politicians to control black the black community.”

And concludes with the most inclusive statement I’ve heard:

“So my brothers and sisters of the American community, please join with me today in abandoning the government plantation and the Party of disappointment.”

Watch his inspiring video on why he became a Republican, read the transcript, and catch Glenn Beck’s reaction here!

Bishop E.W. Jackson – VA Lt. Governor Candidate

According to a recent Washington Post article, Bishop E.W. Jackson, (@JacksonForLG) was a foster child, is a Marine veteran, Harvard law school graduate and a former Democrat.  Jackson is the founder and current president of S.T.A.N.D. (Staying True To America’s National Destiny), a conservative not-for-profit organization that describes itself as “a national organization dedicated to preserving life, the traditional family and Judeo-Christian history and values.

Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference this week, Jackson was introduced as “one of the most dynamic people in our country.”   It was the You Tube of this speech posted at The Right Scoop that caught my attention.  Speaking passionately from the heart, Jackson conveyed:

“Freedom doesn’t mean ‘Do whatever you want.’ It’s the pursuit of character, integrity, decency, honor. Now we’re being told freedom is license.”

His inspiring message to other blacks about the truth of the Democratic party is here.

The left is already spewing hatred, attacking this Christian man because of his faith, his position held in the church.  In a recent interview with Bryan Fischer, Jackson responded to Fischer’s attacks:

“But look, it’s an attack ultimately on every church-going, Bible-believing Christian out there who holds to a traditional worldview…frankly, I think one of my goals is to champion their right to hold their views without being persecuted for it…We’re seeing people apply a religious test and they’re saying anything you believed or said as a minister disqualifies you from serving as Lt. Governor because you hold to these Biblical views.”

Please follow Senator Guillory (@ElbertGuillory) {elbertguillory.com} and Bishop Jackson (@JacksonForLG) {jacksonforlg.com} on Twitter and at their websites and help spread their conservative messages!

Sandy @Orangeone4

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