Recap: #AuditTheIRS Rally – Pt I

The Tea Party Patriots had an unbeatable line-up at the Audit the IRS rally!  From sitting Senators and Representatives to leaders of Tea Party organizations and the one-and-only Glenn Beck, the nation rose to its feet as speakers decreed “Abolish the IRS”.  Click here for the C-Span video.  Key points made and fantastic quotes follow.

Congressman Steve King (R-IA)

  • The IRS audited him many years in a row
  • For at least 30 years he has been for abolishing the IRS and establishing a fair tax, a national sales tax on sales and service to give us back our freedom.

“It’s not even the government’s business what you make.  That’s a part of freedom.”

Congressman Matt Salmon (R-AZ)

  • Introduced a bill to amend the Constitution for universal term limits
  • Quoting John Wayne “Life is tough but it a lot tougher if you are stupid.”
  • Will do everything within his power to reign in this corruptive government
  • Sent a letter from himself and 36 other freshman asking for independent counsel to be appointed to investigate the IRS that is NOT influenced by this administration

 “We’ve got to go in and abolish the IRS.  I believe that with all my heart.”

“There is a cadre of patriots that you sent, that you helped to get here, that believe that the Constitution and the fact that we raised our right arm to swear to uphold that Constitution is more important than anything else we do.”

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Congressman Gohmert begins by paraphrasing Obama’s snarkiness directed at Republicans, yet is really reflective of his own administration. “Some of us have been praying that American eyes would be opened to a very subversive, oppressive, divisive, dismissive, derisive, American government.”

And then goes on to add his perspective on an awakening America:

“People are awakening.  A majority of people are saying we don’t trust the government now.  What that tells me as a student of history is that a majority Americans are getting the mindset of the founders that did not trust government.  And when you can have the embodiment of oppression, of being dismissive, derisive, divisive called the IRS, it’s time for a change and America has awakened to that.  And now with the majority of Americans saying we want some gridlock so that you don’t keep passing laws every day that means more and more regulations.  And just at that point, unfortunately, some of our Republican leaders have said now that Americans get it let’s change the subject and talk about amnesty.”

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Congressman Jordan opened his speech with the best line of the day:

“So I figured it out.  Maybe the FBI would know who is heading up the investigation if they weren’t spending so much time trying to figure out where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.”

On a more serious note, he expressed his absolute commitment to seek the truth:

“There’s no statute of limitations on the truth.  It doesn’t matter what the scandal is; Benghazi, IRS, you name it, we are committed to getting to the truth.  And more importantly, maybe most importantly, we are committed to stopping this ObamaCare legislation from actually happening.”

Rep. Jordan also pointed out that the very month ObamaCare became law is the month the IRS began targeting Tea Party organizations.

Jordan closed by citing his favorite scripture: “Paul writes to Timothy ‘I fought the good fight,  I’ve finished the course, I’ve kept the faith’”.

Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA)

“So as targets of the IRS, it’s time for America to reverse it and now target the IRS themselves.  And we’re gonna do it by dismantling the IRS piece by piece.  We’re gonna throw it overboard like a box of British tea.  And we’re gonna replace it with a fairer flatter tax code for America that empowers you and not the government.”

Sandy @Orangeone4

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