Immigration Have YOU Seeing RED Yet? (Pt 2)

Even if your ancestors were named Sitting Bull and Pocahontas, you likely have more than a passing interest in at least some of the various moving parts of our immigration issues.


It was simple enough to lay out a primer in Part 1, “SEEING RED YET?” of the most contentious elements of immigration.

What practical solutions may exist, however, present a rather more formidable task. That said, #RedNationRising is here to offer ideas for your consideration and action.

Issue: The Immigration Bill

Admittedly, a battle royal.  It’s Boehner versus Reid, take, what?  What number battle is this?  Yes, and not surprisingly, there is dissension within the House Republicans themselves, trying to hold Boehner’s feet to the fire re: border security first versus a path to citizenship.

Oh, and for anyone believing the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) “guestimate” of projected savings if the Gang of 8 bill passes, (i.e., $197 million over the next ten years, and another $700 Billion the next ten) that reportedly has the White House dancing, there’s a bridge for sale…

That said, regardless of your position (or your primary news source,) Reid threatened cloture, a savvy little device to end discussion in the senate, so stay tuned re: the senate vote.

Border Security First

Instead, look to Senator John Thune’s (R. SD) bill calling for border security first.

But no matter the congressional in-fighting this week, the continuing cascade of scandals — known and yet to be known — hitting this administration, the precipitous drop in both approval and TRUST ratings tagged directly to Mr. Obama, and the soon to be fall out over his obscenely timed, and ill thought out zillion dollar trip to Africa, time has NEVER been better to:


Rise up and tweet, call, Facebook and fax each and every senator and congressman — each and every day — to let them know you will NOT be stopped, NOT be deterred, NOT buy into the madness any longer.

Tell them: Secure the border first, or secure yourself a different job.

Issue: The Unsustainable Costs of Illegal Immigration

As reported in Part 1, “11 million illegal immigrants who’ve entered this country illegally have cost us upwards of $346 billion annually.” This, according to the National Research Council, as reported in last month.

Ok, we may not be able to do anything, as of today at least, about those who’ve elected to breach our borders with the intent to luxuriate in Obama’s jackpot of giveaways and public benefits.  BUT, we can—and must—put a tourniquet on the wound.

The Answer?

“RISE UP.” The 2014 election season is here and now! So do something. Do anything. Make phone calls. Send Tweets. Talk to your neighbors. Visit local colleges and junior college campuses. Find your local grass roots political group on the streets and through social media.

Join you’re your fellow “Red Nation Rising” patriots and support only candidates willing to lead the charge to uphold and protect their oaths to defend the US Constitution.

Punish any Senator or Congress Member who votes for the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill.

This has been building for decades… RISE.

We are a “Red Nation Rising

By: Holly Garland JD LLM
#RedNationRising legal analyst

June 21, 2013

Twitter: @garlandlegal

Red Nation Rising Social Community

Twitter: @RedNationRising


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