A Black Conservative on Victimology – Pt III

This is the third in our multi-part series from a black conservative on the victimology amongst black communities. You can read Part I here and Part II here.


This inevitably begs the question: Why it is the case that blacks remain so married to the Left when it comes to voting? Despite their professed religiosity and the community’s instinct to side with traditional, illiberal principles, why do swathes of African Americans insist on voting Democrat? Why do religious white Americans identify with the Republican Party (62%) while very religious black Americans vote the opposite?


A job well done by the Left is one thing. But a willful knowing hypocrisy, motivated by an obstinate self-interest, bred by years of encouraged self-pity and permanent victimhood is the deal breaker in our story. The majority of the African-American community, as with their counterparts here in Britain, are comfortable enough with the discrepancy between their worldview and their voting pattern, so long as the leftist darlings they insist on voting for continue to take care of them. The two are perfect bedfellows it seems, the Left and selfish want that is.

First, you need a nanny Welfare state, which the Left is more than pleased to provide. And second, you need people willing to fall into the trap of depending on this nanny state, regardless of all natural inclinations against such a nanny state. It is the political equivalent of the time-tested tendency for comfort and pleasure to trump principle in the human heart. It just so happens that because of the sad history of blacks in America concerning racism, slavery, political and social disenfranchisement based on colour, therein is provided an excuse too easy for blacks to pass up as a justification for their sense of perpetual entitlement. This is the self-pity part.

In order to deflect some blame from the black community, some of my black friends would say that the sick ruthlessness of the Left in the way it took advantage of the sad history of African-Americans is more to blame. There is some truth to this. After all, before Roosevelt’s New Deal, the split between both main parties share of the black vote was 50/50. And back then, the extent of the dependency culture to come upon future generations as a result of bargaining in this way with politicians could hardly have been foreseen by the New Deal generation. But considering the painful history of blacks in America in the 19th and 20th centuries, it was only a matter of time before one political movement took ruthless advantage of this for its ends. And so, far from it being the first time that the masses, or one class of it, would allow itself to be used for political gain, it should not surprise us that, over time, the black community, like all other minority groups the Left have successfully balkanised, inevitably succumbed.

True. But I say humankind, across all races, has had a horrible time of it. From Jews to Armenians to Kurds to the Irish, man has always found one group or another to oppress. In my opinion as a black man, looking outwards from the inside, it is no excuse to indulge in self-pity and an everlasting victim status because of the past. And when understood how much of a conservative and resourceful people we blacks really are, it is so painfully-damning of our collective integrity that we continue to jettison any such integrity for an everlasting place at the Left’s feet, content with crumbs of Welfare, Affirmative Action and Racial demagoguery.

But the safety hammock has been far too comforting for the vast majority of my fellow blacks to jump out of. And “Me” politics is what has emerged as a result. The idea that the government should always be there to help ‘Me’ get a job, ‘Me’ pay my debts and ‘Me’ take care of my children is now almost hopelessly pervasive amongst us, when it really should be a case of: How can the government get out of the way so I can provide, not just for myself, but for others, by working! When will government stop creating debts in the form of taxes for us all? And shouldn’t the government let me raise my kids to be the god-fearing adults I want them to be?

It is this ‘Me’ politics, encouraged by the Left, every two years in America that has appealed to black America for so long and subsequently led us to a place of hypocrisy. For a long time now, we haven’t cared that the Left’s values don’t really match ours so long as they champion black victimhood. I remember talking to a black American pastor visiting the UK once about this issue. When Mr Obama came out in support of homosexual marriage, I was convinced this man would denounce Obama, considering that one of his favourite topics to rail against isthe on-going institutionalisation of immorality in the Western world. Alas, it was not so. What was his response to my inquisitions? He pleaded separation of Church and State. He said that he believed that because Obama at least wanted to help the black community, it was alright for him to champion gay marriage. And this was a man of the cloth.


But instead of being asses for the Democrat party, blacks could be stallions of conservatism, putting to shame the fiendish race politics of the Left. The horse can definitely be brought to water. In fact, the African-American community has an inbred predilection for conservative principles. In other words, we do not even have to be brought to the fount of conservatism. We bring ourselves! The problem is getting us to see that it is beneficial to drink from the fountain and not neigh suspiciously at it.

So far as I know, Afro-America has always being conservative at heart. You only have to listen to the ease of oratory and conviction with which black conservatives like AllenWest (@AllenWest), Alan Lee Keyes (@loyaltoliberty), C.L. Bryant (@RevCLBryant), E.W. Jackson (@JacksonForLG), and the great Representative of Louisiana, Elbert Guillory, (@ElbertGuillory) proclaim their conservatism, to see this. Even now, in today’s world, where each generation of American men and women, regardless of colour or ethnic background, are growing more and more liberal and blasé regarding the nation’s affairs, African Americans largely remain conservative at their core; they are merely waiting to be liberated from their, partly self-imposed, inhibitions that they might drink the cathartic water of conservatism and constitutionalism.


So how can we help them? How can we conservatives, Christian, Moderate, Libertarian, Constitutionalist conservatives help our fellow brothers and sisters to see who their true and natural allies are? Can it even be done? In the era of Obama, is it not too late?

I say ‘No’ to the third question; ‘Yes’, to the second. And “Keep your eyes glued to rednationrising.us” for the first!

By Jedediah Cain

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5 thoughts on “A Black Conservative on Victimology – Pt III

  1. Another fantastic blog….many great quotes of wisdom and reality in this one. The issue was addressed head on and the African-American Pastor case was such a typical example of the hypocrisy within the black community.

    1. A hearty thank you to yourself and all the rest who have posted kind words and comments concerning my thoughts on this matter. Keep an eye out for the conclusion in the series which will focus on possible solutions.


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