Recap: #AuditTheIRS Rally – Pt II

The Tea Party Patriots had an unbeatable line-up at last week’s Audit the IRS rally!  From sitting Senators and Representatives to leaders of Tea Party organizations and the one-and-only Glenn Beck, the nation rose to its feet as speakers decreed “Abolish the IRS”.  Watch for our conclusion this afternoon with highlights from Congresswoman Bachmann, and Senators Lee, Paul and Cruz!  Catch Pt I here.

Dan Bongino – (R-MD) (@dbongino)

By @whitewolf2011
By @whitewolf2011

My personal favorite of this post a man who brings tears to my eyes every time he speaks of the liberty, freedom and Constitution of the country my family fought to protect in both world wars.

There is only one man that can bring the passion of the flag of the United States of America and what it means to fight for liberty and that is Dan Bongino.  A former Secret Service agent, well aware of what it means to risk your life daily for America’s liberty, shared his passion with the Tea Party rally! Grab your tissues and watch here.

“Remember what this fight’s about.  This fight is about that (pointing to Old Glory).  That’s not a flag.  That is an idea.   You pledge allegiance to an idea.  The idea that you need to this place, right now, at this time, that your liberty is the number one priority your government has to preserve, not attack you for believing in what you believe in.  That Constitution folks was not a suggestion. That Constitution is one of the few documents that limits them, not you.  People have fought and died for that idea folks.  That means something.  We are the exception, we are not the rule.  It is worth fighting for, cede no ground in this fight and thank you God for showing up, and it’s an honor to fight with you.”

Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) (@MikeKellyPA)

“You have the right to be here.  But more importantly than that you have the obligation to be here.”  “We have got to unite. We have got to join hands. We have got to fight this to the very end.  This not an option, this is an obligation for this current generation.”  Congressman Kelly became emotional when speaking of his father, who came from the greatest generation, lived through the depression, and fought his way through WWII.  Catch his entire speech here.

Congressman John Fleming (R-LA) (@RepFleming)

“What part of government do you fear the most?  To which he and the crowd responded: “IRS”

“What part of government can destroy your life and take away your business.”  To which the crowd responded: “IRS”

Congressman Fleming’s HALT THE IRS bill (H.R. 2045) was before Congress the day of the Tea Party rally.  In short, the bill says the IRS can do no further investigations or audits of taxpayers until the investigations are complete.  Read his summary of the bill here and click within to link to the full bill and watch his speech here.

Congressman Raul Labrador (R-ID) (@Raul_Labrador) “I’m mad too. But I’m not mad because they came after you.  I’m mad because they came after Americans…Both Republicans and Democrats have allowed government to get too big.”  Congressman Labrador was the first member of Congress to ask for Eric Holder’s resignation.

“And I grilled him in the Judiciary Committee with all the lies that he had told Congress. And at the end of that grilling he asked me: “Is that how you do things in Idaho or wherever you’re from?  And I responded yes sir that’s how we do things in Idaho.”

ACLJ – Jordan Sekulow (@JordanSekulow)

Mr. Sekulow provided an update on the legal actions filed against the IRS and informed the rally attendees across the country that more clients are being added to the lawsuit next week.  Watch his full update here.

Justin Binik-Thomas

Mr. Thomas is the man referred to in Question#26 the IRS demanded Tea Party applicants respond to in order for their not-for-profit application to be reviewed.  Concerned, he approached Landmark Legal for help, that’s what launched Landmark’s request for an investigation.  See our story on Landmark Legal Foundation’s involvement here.

By: Sandy @Orangeone4

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