Tweet These Fishy 15 Republican Senators

Good, decent Americans are rising from the grassroots to crush Senate Gangsters.  The other day we posted all 100 Senators Twitter handles (probably a good one for you to bookmark) and this site EXPLODED with people engaging and Tweeting them.  Thank you.

Below is a shorter list.  15 Senators to notify: People are rising in opposition to Obama’s Immigration Bill. No on S. 744!

Gang of Eight? Hang ‘Em High!

Gangsters are thugs.  Gangsters should not be celebrated.  They should be punished.  These 15 Republicans embrace and support criminality.  They are acting to ensure illegal immigrants are rewarded with US Citizenship.

Imagine that.  It’s sociopathic, actually.  That mental disorder is expected of the Blue Dems. Modern Democrats suffer from liberalism, a bona fide mental disease.  But 15 members of GOP?

The “Fishy Fifteen”

Senators listed below are law-makers supporting law-breakers.  It’s insane.

They should know: Gangsters don’t die peacefully in their sleep.  Gangsters get whacked or go to jail.  It’s time to start whacking — politically — these Senate Gangsters.

Everyone on this list has a terminal political career.  Let them know.  Hit them.  Riddle them with  Tweets, letters and phone calls.  Time to send these gangsters the message.

Red Nation Rising Against Amnesty

Sure, maybe the Gang of 8 Immigration Bill which rewards Amnesty to illegals, is filled with billions of pork, and doesn’t secure the border will pass the Senate.  Sure, maybe the House will rise and kill it.  Regardless, let these Senators know you are rising in opposition to the bill and are watching closely.

1.) Click fishy Senator Gangster’s name.  2.) Tweet them: “Vote No on S. 744.

Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tennessee)

LOTS of chatter on Twitter hitting this Senator.  There is already a fairly active and apparently thriving movement to vote him out.  If he votes for Amnesty, he’s given more ammo to be removed from office.


Sen. Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire)

Ayotte spoke at CPAC 2013.  Makes no sense… Conservatives respect the Rule of Law, they don’t reward illegal behavior.  Maybe she will Recant! The tide is turning.  Recant and renounce your support of Gangster Senators.


Jeffrey Chiesa (New Jersey)

Senator Chiesa was appointed by that meatball Chris Christie.  What a surprise, a New Jersey Senator cozying up to gangsters.  Chiesa doesn’t yet have a Twitter account.  Maybe he’s waiting for a computer from the back of truck.  Here’s his office line: 202-224-3224


Sen. Susan Collins (Maine)

She ignores the views of the special interest that should matter most — the American people.


Sen. Bob Corker (Tennessee)

The Corker Amendment deliberately disregarded Procedural Rules.  They pushed through the bill because the KNOW the law-abiding American people are rising in opposition to it.  Senator Corker should be ashamed. He should be retired.


Sen. Jeff Flake (Arizona)

Flake was elected by the People of Arizona to 1.) Secure the Border and 2.) Stop Amnesty.  He has failed. Miserably.  Siding with Gangsters is wrong. In the end, you don’t win.  You lose.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)

Side with Schumer?  Are you mad Senator? Or, maybe it’s your queer relationship with McCain? Either way, South Carolina oddball Graham is certain to be primaried.  Buh-eye.


Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah)

His support for the Immigration bill relates to pork.  He comes off as a law and order type.  I don’t think people will forget he voted to reward criminality and sided with gang-bangers.


Sen. Dean Heller (Nevada)

What the heller?  Nevada already has one whack job Wormy Senator with a mental disease.  Soon, they’ll have none.


Sen. John Hoeven (North Dakota)

His amendment to strengthen enforcement and border security was not considered on the merits.  They rammed it through.  Just like Obamacare.  Oooh.  Obamacare is the 2014, 2016 Kiss of Death.  Supporting the Gang of 8 Immigration bill will have similar effect.


Sen. Mark Kirk (Illinois)

There’s a Red Nation Rising in Illinois, Senator.  There’s a Red Nation Rising everywhere.

994144_554850881220103_292778390_n (1)

Sen. John McCain (Arizona)

This Democrat is a complete mess.


Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

Embodies what is wrong in government.  The Immigration bill is crammed with pork benefiting salmon fishers and seafood processors in Alaska to get her support.  See? Fishy.


Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida)

Ever see one of those Hollywood films where in the end a corrupt politician sits with a scotch and a gun because his fraud has been discovered?  Certainly hope Rubio keeps things in perspective, but his chance at the Presidency is gone.  In fact, he won’t survive a primary in 2016.  Say it: the distinguished Senator from the great state of Florida, Allen West.


Sen. Roger Wicker (Mississippi)

The Tupelo Masons are rumored to be livid.  As are many other good, decent American rising in opposition in MS.  Vote NO on S. 744, Senator.


There ya have it!  The Fishy 15.  Of course, add Sen. Mitch McConnell to the list.  He can flex some muscle and oppose the bill.

** Grassroots people are rising in opposition to the GANG OF EIGHT and the 15 GOP members above.  Special thanks to @akula_51 for the graphic images**

We are a Red Nation Rising!  Many, many thanks for all your support!  Get to work!


(Founded Red Nation Rising social community and viral grassroots movement after tweeting #RedNationRising from @NObamaChat Twitter account several depressing days after 2012 Election.  The hashtag went viral and growing numbers of people join every day.)

Twitter: @RedNationRising

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