17 Senators To Tweet “NO on S. 744” and #StopAmnesty

Good guys and gals rise together against the gangsters.

Gang of Eight… Really?

Atrocious how law makers in the United States Congress refer to themselves as an organized group of criminals.  After all, that’s what a gang is.  Words means things.

Just like real gangsters, the Senate Gang is completely arrogant.

No one — NO ONE — should embrace gangsterism.  Yet at least 51 United States Senators will.  51 Senators will embrace criminals and criminality and vote to reward law-breakers with United States Citizenship.

Hang ‘Em High  

Senators who enable Gangsters should be punished.  Mark these words, many Senators on the list below WILL be punished. Especially if they, too, vote for the Immigration Bill.

Tweet them and let them know good, decent, law-abiding Americans are rising in opposition to a bill WHICH DOES NOT secure the USA’s borders.  Tweet them and let them know they disrespect the Rule of Law.

Red Nation Rising Against Amnesty

We recently published a list of Twitter Handles for all 100 Senators (you should probably bookmark that in your browser for future grassroots action).

We also published a list of the Fishy 15 GOP Senators who voted procedurally for the Immigration Bill (Note: Senator Wicker of Mississippi renounced his support and will Vote “No” – nice job MS).

This is a list of 17 US Senators who have a lot to lose if they support gangsterism against their constituents.  The Gang of Eight swore they had 70 votes (typical gangster-liars).  They shouldn’t get them.


1.) Click Senator’s name below.

2.) Send them a Tweet: “NO on S. 744.”

Here’s the List of 17

Senator Name:



Sen. Mark Begich


Blue Dem up for reelection in 2014. If he votes yes he should lose. His Alaskan seat could be the greatest catch.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski


Tweet her that you respect the rule of law. And you know she — gangster-like — filled it with pork as a kickback.

Sen. Mark Pryor


Up for reelection in 2014. If he votes for Amnesty, he’s a hypocrite, and gone.

Sen. Marco Rubio


Gang of 8 punk. He is facing a primary from Allen West in 2016, and he’d lose.  Only way to salvation? Disavow and vote no. Would be political genius.

Sen. Joe Donnelly


Claims border security is paramount.  But this bill knowingly fails that mission, Joe!  Your voters won’t forget this fraud.

Sen. Mary Landrieu


A vote for the bill is a vote against the rule of law.  Yes vote, you float.  Away in 2014. Now dat’s gangsta.

Sen. Susan Collins


It is just un-American to reward those who break the law.  Citizenship is too special.  Plus the Tea Party has survived IRS targeting, is strengthening, and could primary her in 2014.

Sen. Max Baucas


He doesn’t have a Twitter account.  But he shouldn’t support the Gang of 8!  Gangs are made up of punks!

Sen. John Tester


Twitter truly has been in an uproar with grassroots people rising in opposition. Take note, Tester and his social media team. Vote no!

Sen. Dean Heller


GOP Senator who just announced he will vote for Obama’s bill.  What a phony.  But he’s in Nevada.  Maybe they like gangsters there.

Sen. Jeffrey Chiesa

New Jersey

Doesn’t have a Twitter account yet because Chris Christie is trying to watch what he tweets.

Sen. Kay Hagen

North Carolina

She’s up for reelection in 2014.  Her social media team needs to start working on their resumes.

Sen. Lamar Alexander


The Tea Party could easily primary him in 2014 and the Twittersphere has recently lit up with people opposing him.

Sen. Orrin Hatch


Hatch got some amendment but may vote against. He should not be comfortable — nor should any of them — rewarding illegal behavior.

Sen. Joe Manchin

West Virginia

Because he was so vociferous in his support for gun control, he probably has to Vote NO.

Sen. John Rockefeller

West Virginia

If he votes yes, then there should be an amendment all 11 million illegal immigrants live on the Rockefeller estate.  He’ll need the help after he’s retired.

** Grassroots people are rising.  We are a Red Nation Rising!**

Thank you,


(Founded Red Nation Rising social community and viral grassroots movement after tweeting #RedNationRising from @NObamaChat Twitter account several depressing days after 2012 Election.  The hashtag went viral, has made several billion impressions on Twitter, and continues its rapid growth across the other channels below.)

Twitter: @RedNationRising
Web: rednationrising.us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedNationRising

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