Question and Answer With Conservative Author John Stevens

Our Red Nation Rising blog recently started an exciting new feature where Conservative authors are showcased.

The first focus was a “Question and Answer” with author, Bob Zeidman, whose political satire “Good Intentions” is a literal LOL. Ayn Rand fans will enjoy.

John Stevens

This edition is especially exciting.

Some writers are so cutting and good — so incisive — that you need to set aside time to digest them.  John Stevens is that writer.  His voice just slices and dices.

John’s passion and dedication is worth your sitting.

“The Sissification of America”

John’s book, “The Sissification Of America: A Fifty-Year Decline In American Exceptionalism” is a nonfiction narrative which addresses current events within the context of comparing America’s vibrant history to its contemporary era.

What a title, eh?  Love it!

Without further ado, John Stevens’ Red Nation Rising Question and Answer…

John Stevens

When did you decide to write this book?

I began the research process and the writing of the manuscript in the winter of 2006.

What was your process in writing your book? How did you come up with the title “Sissification of America”?

I gathered research from a variety of sources including books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, family history records, and the Internet that was pertinent to the topics I wanted to address in the book, and then I began the process of applying that research to the topics of the seven chapters, connecting the bridge of America’s past to the bridge of contemporary America.

As far as the title of the book, I have observed that over a period of 50 years, American society and culture have been negatively impacted and radicalized by the secular-progressives of this nation – thus turning us into a nation replete with sissies at all levels of society which is the premise of my book.

How did you arrange the book?

The book begins with an Author’s Note concerning the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of ObamaCare in June of 2012. It is followed by an Introduction that includes the following:

  • Two very humorous anecdotes which “hook” the reader into wanting to read the book.
  • A brief introduction of the author, my teaching experience, degrees, accomplishments, and awards given over several decades as well as my qualifications for writing this book.
  • A description of what the American virtues of exceptionalism are, and the fact that the seven chapters will reveal precisely how and why such virtues have been in decline during the course of the past fifty years.
  • One more “hook” to tantalize the reader.

The seven chapters each begin with a quote from a notable American that correlates directly with the topic or topics of each of the seven chapters. And finally, a Conclusion that is most powerful.

What inspired you to write your book?

As a public school teacher with almost three decades of teaching experience as well as a concerned citizen, I have been alarmed at the direction our country has embarked upon during the course of the past five decades.

While I have been encouraged by some of America’s signature achievements such as the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, I have witnessed the decline of  traditional American values and virtues. The following summary, which can be found on the back cover of my book, best summarizes my inspiration for writing it:

The Sissification of America: A Fifty-Year Decline in American Exceptionalism, is a nonfiction narrative which addresses current events within the context of comparing America’s vibrant history to its contemporary era. The book specifically examines how the federal government and some of our nation’s public and private institutions have gradually led the nation down a precipitous fifty-year decline of virtues that made America unique in world history. This intriguing book focuses on American virtues consisting of: a spirit of independence and rugged individualism, a thriving work ethic, honesty, capitalism, competition, excellence in education, and a Judaic-Christian rectitude of impeccable character.

While these virtues are still evident in America today, they exist to a much lesser degree when compared to the years between 1620 and 1961. The seven chapters of this book touch upon many topics that correlate directly with these unique American virtues and their declining influence upon society such as: the demise of common sense; the continual assault being waged upon the individual rights and freedoms of all Americans; the squelching of states’ rights by the leviathan federal government; the breakdown of the traditional family unit due to fatherless homes, the feminization of our culture, the feminization of America’s public schools, and the feminization of our nation’s men and boys; last-but certainly not least-the controversial issues confronting America’s public schools and teachers.

Whew! Part 2 Coming Soon!

This is the end of the first part of this Question and Answer.  Great, great stuff and special thanks to our new friend, John Stevens.

Please support this writer and check out his book at the link below.  In the upcoming Part 2 of this series, we’ll explore how to make America exceptional and why Obama supporters must buy this book!

All people can view the book, the video book trailer, and John’s blogs on his website.  Purchase the book in print or on Kindle by clicking on the image of the book to the online store:

Keep Rising!

Thank you, as always, for the incredible support.  We are a rapidly growing grassroots social community and your involvement and engagement keeps it all going.  Thank you.


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  1. Great interview! Lots of thought provoking information. Thank you for sharing this new author with us all.

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