A Black Conservative on Victimology – Solutions

 “Knowledge is power.” Sir Francis Bacon.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” God per Hosea 4: 6;

The Left is often railing about educating people on this and that socio-political issue. And they’ve been doing so for eons now. In Part 1 of this series, we saw that in this area, they tend to practice what they preach, and with successful results. Through victimhood politics, they have gone about ‘re-educating’, virtually, a whole race: the black race in America. As a black conservative, I say it is now our turn as conservatives (of all races and backgrounds) to begin our own re-education.

The utmost barrier to winning backswathes of African Americans to the conservative cause (with which they are so obviously congruently-constituted, as demonstrated in Part 2 of this series) is ignorance! The truth is that blunt. In my walks in everyday life as a black person, I have met many-an-individual with the same skin colour, who are ridiculously ignorant about the key components that constitute the reasoning behind their political affiliation and about the factual accuracy of the assumptions they make in reaching a conclusion about which side they vote for, Right or Left. Take fiscal issues for instance. As shocking as this might sound, many blacks do not know that there is a national debt which is created when a national government overspends. How this can be harks back to the disgraceful levels to which the academic system of America has fallen after decades under Leftist influence, and many more reasons which are beyond the remit of this piece.

And so, a key reason why blacks in the UK vote overwhelmingly for the Labour party is because Labour are far more willing to spend for unending amounts of public projects and programmes than their slightly more frugal counterparts, the Tory party, who blacks here believe to be tight-fisted and heartlessly indifferent to the plight of the less advantaged. Central to why they maintain this erroneous belief and cannot see Labour’s ostensible benevolence for the deviant profligacy it really is, is because many are genuinely oblivious to the fact that, just like in any household, there is a bottom to the nation’s coffers.

I have met individuals who rant about how the government ought to put more funding into youth sports; start-up businesses; housing estates for the homeless. And yet, when questioned in response, they do not know the connection between the scenes they see of Greece on BBC One’s Ten O’clock news and their demands. Many blacks do honestly believe the state has an endless supply of money, and that even if it doesn’t, it should!  And this is the case in America too.

Take the different individuals exhibited by Rush Limbaugh in his video “Obama Money – Where Did It Come From?

Now feast your ears and eyes further on this: “Obama’s Gonna Pay for My Gas

Sadly, the ignorant mindset displayed by the individuals in these clips is prevalent, not exceptional!  As many blacks are against abortion and still keep voting for Democrats, I’m convinced those pro-Democrat numbers would drop dramatically if many of these blacks knew the spoken intent of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger. And the numbers would become fewer yet if they knew of the fact that more African American children are aborted than of any other race in America. On immigration, were all these black Democrats to know that the group to be most deleteriously affected by the amnesty bill being proposed by Democrats and RINOs and propagated by Obama will be the black worker who is already struggling for work under the current harsh economic climate, would there still be so many of these black Democrats? The answer has to be ‘No’, surely!

And so, my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Or shall we say, they vote Democrat for lack of knowledge. Both are one and the same. Either way, the answer is knowledge. Therein is power: Black Power; true Black Power! And it is incumbent upon me and you to do what we can to educate blacks. How? Well, I myself have been at it for while. It starts with your neighbours, friends and family members; blog pieces and beyond. What is sure is that the message must reach the black community. And that is why I commend works like that of CL Bryant. His seminal documentary, Runaway Slave, is a must-see for all, especially blacks. People like Zo of Zonation are further examples.

But I particularly appeal to my Caucasian brethren in this matter. Do not fall for the Left’s paradigm! This cannot be stressed enough. The first three parts of this series was to impress upon you the falseness of the paradigm that the media is always presenting, that of a people hopelessly in the tank for Barrack Hussein Obama and his gang of merry asses. It was intended to encourage you not to fall for the artificial lines constantly drawn up by the Left, e.g., “Blacks = permanent Democrats, innate liberals; So, forget it you racist, Tea-ba**ing White conservatives. And the Right = [See latter adjectives].”

Friends, you must realise that the world of MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC can be characterised by the third Reich’s mantra:

People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

We must put a stop to their self-fulfilling prophecy and shatter the fabricated lines that separate black from white and start appealing to our black would-be counterparts. They are not a lost cause.

Congressional, Gubernatorial and Republican candidates with their base firmly secured, must reach out to the black community, articulately and confidently, not patronising, or condescendingly. But self-assured that the values they hold are more than sellable to and compatible with the black community. Considering that the seed of conservatism is there within the black community, if we try collectively and individually, it would be a dereliction of duty for Americans not to endearingly evangelise (and I stress, endearingly, for many a false perception has already been sown in the minds of black Democrats about us) their fellow countrymen of colour concerning conservatism.

If you yourself are a black conservative reading this, do not be discouraged. Speak up when political issues rear their heads among family members and friends. You are not alone. You have the goodwill and the spirit of the many other Frederick Douglas conservatives backing you wherever you are. Take courage from that and wax lyrical for the cause, endearingly.

Summarisation of Solutions

We must not fall for the Left’s paradigm that black Americans are a lost cause, and accept contrived lines of politically segregation. If we do, we allow the Left to prolifically pedal their narrative of the conservatives being racist white Nazis. And that is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Having accepted that we cannot let the Left separate us from folks who are meshed with the same political and moral make-up as us, we must make tangible collective and individual efforts to reach them. This should range from friendly chats in the supermarket with people we wouldn’t normally talk with (even if we’d already noticed them producing an EBT food stamp card for the purchase of their groceries whilst chatting on their I-Phone 5) to collective efforts.

Examples of such collective efforts can include conservative political candidates speaking to bodies equivalent to the Republican Jewish Coalition from the black community such as the Black American Leadership Alliance (@BALAorg) and attending events such as the DC March for Jobs on July 15th (@DCMarchForJobs) (read more here).

It would take a collective effort to form such bodies and make candidates see the importance of addressing such organisations. I am young, politically and in human years. And I have never seen a thing like this done by a Republican/conservative candidate. So perhaps such efforts already exist of which I am merely ignorant. But if these efforts already exist in America, the importance of bringing them to the forefront and making them as important and as central as when a delegation of Jewish Americans host a Republican speaker cannot be stressed enough! Imagine the impact when, come election time, African American voters are seeing visible efforts by articulate and earnest Republicans to explaining the conservative message to them, a message that is already innately within them. Don’t tell me a Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz @TedCruz) can’t make a great job of such a thing; or a Marco Rubio, an Allen West (@AllenWest @AllenWestArmy). Reagan Democrats didn’t grow on trees. They were sought out and grasped from the flames of Democrat folly!

Political evangelisation is much like religious evangelisation. If you hide behind some Ultra-Calvinistic barricade believing the lost to be irretrievably lost with nothing to save them, then most probably they won’t be saved, certainly not through your non-existent efforts. But if you are balanced and see the potential in everybody (especially those like the African American voters who are halfway there) to come to the truth which you have for them, then you yourself are halfway there to converting your opponent.

To demonstrate, I leave you with these two powerful examples from You Tube. One involves the conspiracy ranter,Alex Emerick Jones,(for whom I do have considerable respect, notwithstanding his many fallacies and quirks), in a conversation with the Obama Phone Lady. Remember her?

And the second involves Dennis Michael Lynch taking to the unemployment lines and job fairs and talking to black Americans in South Carolina about the perils of the gang of eight’s Amnesty plan being pushed by their own U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

After watching, sit back and visualise the harvest that could easily be. But don’t daydream for too long. Action beckons. The fields are ripe for ploughing my friend.

By Jedediah Cain

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