Our 501c 4 Board of Director Search

Our time has come.  Red Nation Rising is formally organizing as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  That’s right.  We’re on the march.

The Mission

Red Nation Rising is a social community and grassroots organization educating centrists, conservatives, libertarians and patriots about the rights and duties of citizenship under the United States Constitution to promote social welfare and the common good.

IRS Application Will Sail Thru

Perhaps counter intuitively, the application for tax exemption should pass without delay or IRS targeting.  You might be incredulous at that statement.  Which is completely understandable based on the IRS targeting Conservative, Tea Party and Patriot groups.

Red Nation Rising will sail through the application process.  Because the last thing the IRS wants to be accused of these days is continuing its pattern of bad acts.  So we fully expect that what might be the fastest growing social media community of centrists, conservatives, libertarians and patriots in history — Red Nation Rising — will get quick, cursory review.

We’re actually considering whether to include a letter requesting Lois Lerner’s last official act as a government employee be to personally approve and sign our application.  Wouldn’t that be special?

Social and Digital Media First

Red Nation Rising was born on Twitter.  Fittingly, the first attempt to recruit a Board of Directors for the soon to be incorporated Red Nation Rising happened recently on Twitter.  The response from our social community was amazing.

Great candidates immediately expressed their interest!  It’s wild!  Interviews are being set up this week as the search continues.

This is incredibly exciting and the search truly represents the social nature of Red Nation Rising.  Thank you for reading thus far.  Here’s some further information.

The Board of Directors (it might be an Advisory Council)

The Red Nation Rising Board of Directors makes strategic and financial decisions, including appointments.  The directors may be named in the Articles of Incorporation or appointed at the initial organizational meeting.  The minimum number of directors and any additional requirements for director eligibility may depend on state law.

Are you someone who:

  • has demonstrated a commitment to Red Nation Rising and the organization’s purpose?
  • possesses excellent fundraising skills?
  • is well-connected?
  • has experience managing money?
  • any/all of the above?

If so, then you might be qualified.

If you’re interested in serving on the Board of Directors (or Advisory Council) — or helping some other way — please get in touch by leaving a message here on this blog, Tweeting @JimLysaght, or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may Contact Us (your privacy will be guarded and respected) using the Join Us button.

Thank you, as always, for your time and attention.

Very truly yours,


Twitter: @RedNationRising
Web: rednationrising.us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedNationRising

4 thoughts on “Our 501c 4 Board of Director Search

  1. We need to reward whistleblowers and not let the corrupt Senators, Representatives, and White House agencies like EPA, DHS, ATF….etc. Edward Snowden would not had to leave the US to tell Americans that NSA abuses its powers to spy on anyone they want w/o a warrant. Plus Barack Obama has spent the last 5 years planting his own judges in our system!!!

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