Mourning Mom Rises For Our Right To Arms

My story is not much different from any other mother who has had a child die from gun violence.

A New World

I live in a new world now. A world of paranoia, fear,constant pain and uncontrollable crying spells that can last for hours.

I walk in limbo asking anyone who will listen, ‘Why? Why did those punks pick Travis? How did they come to possess a gun?

The Call

I sit and recall that fateful early morning phone call. It was 1:30 AM, August 7th, 2012. I answered to sobbing and incoherent words that spilled out of the callers mouth.

I finally understood what was said to me. My son was shot and killed during a robbery attempt at around 10:30PM Aug.6th. I was unable to breathe.

I went immediately into shock. My daughter came in and I had to tell her her brother was gone. Her only sibling now a statistic to violence.


Travis became a father 2 weeks before his death. He and his fiancee lived in an apartment complex just outside of LSU campus in Baton Rouge.  Small but affordable, he felt the Apartments were safe and Security officers on campus often cruised through his street.

He started a new job, excited about this new chapter in his life. He had found his peace.

On August 6th, 2012, his fiancee and his new baby boy were asleep on the couch, when he decided to go outside and play his guitar. He often played his guitar for his neighbors and usually drew a crowd of friends.

Died Protecting His Family

This night, he was alone.  He didn’t even get out of his door before 2 gunmen pounced on him demanding his things. Travis bravely pushed them away from his door and tried to shut them out, they pushed the door, his fiancee woke up and screamed holding their son tightly in her arms.

A shot rang out, my son lay on his doorstep dying.  He was still clinging to life when the paramedics came, but died on the way to the hospital.

The 2 punks ran, one was caught in October of that same year. The shooter ran for 7 months before turning himself in.

Burning Question

I lived in fear during those 7 months thinking about another family ruined by him if he is not caught. They are now behind bars, indicted for murder and are awaiting separate trials.

I went through all of the stages of grief and added a few more, but the burning question remains: Why are people in Congress, White House, etc., wanting to take the right to arm ourselves against brutal, evil forces that plague our city and Rural streets every day?

Look, a gun is an inanimate object. It is a harmless as a new born kitten. Guns do not kill! People kill!

Kill Gun Control

To infringe the right to arm ourselves is a death sentence to all law abiding citizens.

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The thugs are going to get guns, registered or not, they will get a gun. Citizens will not have that luxury and they will know it and will act on it.

I have lost a son, a life so full of hope, over nothing else but because of a couple of punks. Not a couple of guns with punks attached.

A Mother’s Plea

Please, do not allow gun control to pass. Don’t let another mother plead with God to let her hold her child once more. Don’t let evil win.


8 thoughts on “Mourning Mom Rises For Our Right To Arms

  1. HE Lives. And I hope your son does too, in HIS arms.

    He-whose-name-is-too-odious-to-mention, along with his gun control agenda are unAmerican, and Ungodly. I pray they both fail.


  2. I got chills reading this. I almost lost my son 4 years ago from the same thing. I’ll never forget the sound of gun fire going off outside my duplex. We live next to each other in the same duplex. The most horrible feeling to ever have. They never found out who the guys were. He died on the way to the hospital but were able to revive him. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    1. God has plans for your son not quite fulfilled yet. I believe my son was loaned to me only for a little while and he left such a wonderful legacy. His son Noah. Hold your son tight every day and know how blessed you are. God bless you my friend.


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