Blue Dem Obama Exploits Zimmerman Case For Gun Control

Obama and the Blue Dems still pushing for Gun Control have a mental disorder.

Obama Assaults the Constitution

Now Obama is exploiting the George Zimmerman case for more gun control.  Can you imagine?  A jury — one of the most important elements of our criminal justice system — found George Zimmerman was completely LAWFUL in defending himself!

Obama and the Gun Control nuts defy logic as they assault the Constitution and our  2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

If anything, the Zimmerman case illustrates the best possible way to stop criminals is with guns!  After all, the facts are indisputable, Trayvon Martin was brutally assaulting George Zimmerman.

Law-abiding citizens with guns defending themselves is a natural right in our current violence plagued society.  An armed citizenry will prevent crime!  Trayvon Martin NEVER would have started the fight if he knew Zimmerman was carrying.

Gun Myths

Here’s some gun myths addressed:

1.) Forty percent of guns are purchased without background checks.

President Obama, VP Joe Biden, and the Gun Control Nazis  cite this number in their push for more background checks and stricter gun control.  According to Professor John Lott, that number is closer to ten percent.  Since Obama has been in office, more than 70 million background checks have taken place for gun owners.

2.) Criminals obtain their guns from gun shows.

This is a common claim pushed by Obama and his Blue Dem minions for legislation and regulation.  However, a Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) study from November of 2001 called ‘Firearms Use by Offenders’ discovered only 1 percent of criminals obtained guns at gun shows.

3.) Urban Areas need more gun control.

Chicago.  BOOM!  Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the nation, yet they have more gun murders, with over 500 in 2012, than any other city.

A Gun Saved George Zimmerman

The fact is, George Zimmerman was completely lawful in what he did.  He was being brutally assaulted.  A gun probably saved his life.  It certainly stopped the continuing threat of great bodily harm and possibly death.

It is illogical — it’s crazy! — for Obama and the Blue Dems to try and use this case as a basis to assault the Constitution and the jury system for more gun regulations.

Keep Rising

Let ‘em know.  Whether you own a gun, or not, we are a  #RedNationRising supporting the Constitution.

Written by: @MitchBehna

Twitter: @RedNationRising

4 thoughts on “Blue Dem Obama Exploits Zimmerman Case For Gun Control

  1. You can’t repeal Obamacare because on in seven blacks, one in ten Hispanics and one in Twelve Italians (thank Fumento) have HIV/AIDS and can’t afford treatment.

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