Blue Collar Conservative on How We Got Here, Where We’re Going

What is it in a word or a phrase that can start a Revolution?


Throughout mankind those oppressed by tyrannical leaders have stood together for freedom and liberty.  Whether it was a group of Senators in ancient Rome, or William Wallace against the English or a group of group of Patriots in Independence Hall.


No single tyrant or tyranny of majority should be allowed absolute power.  

Likewise, no division of Government should create a statist society.  This beautiful country was founded as a free representative Democratic Republic.  Our representation in Government is supposed to have the best interest of its people.  

Sadly I no longer believe the majority of the life long politicians in both Washington and our local offices believe this anymore.  I believe that they now only do and say what is needed to win at the ballots along the line of social issues vs. Fiscal or Constitutional values.

A Revolutionary Hashtag

In November 2012 a very good friend of mine started a new revolution with a Twitter hashtag.  He simply voiced his frustration with the Romney loss and followed it with #RedNationRising.

I saw this and several more tweets and began retweeting his words and then joined in using the hashtag.  Shortly thereafter I started the Blue Collar Conservative blog in an attempt to teach Conservatism and expose the leftist Tyrannical Marxist ideology.

The numbers of people and organizations connecting with Red Nation Rising has been incredible.  Its spread to millions of accounts, tens of thousands of contributors, hundreds of politicians, multiple social sites and blogs and of course the developing of the 501(c)(4).  RNR certainly appreciates this; promotional merchandise for fundraising will be available soon allowing for expansion and more growth.

The Constitution Wins The Argument

We should stick to the basics as we spread the word.  Stay on message, “Renewing Constitutional Values”.  Avoid ultra Conservative social issues, these tend to end any debate before it begins.  Use your knowledge in Constitutional Fiscal Conservatism and you cannot lose an argument.  Emphasize that we do not want to take peoples rights from them.

Also, that we want to help people be able to sustain a modest blue collar lifestyle that limits needs of any Government safety nets.  I understand we all could use a little help here and there.  No one other than the elderly, disabled or unable should need to be carried by Government.  Avoid social issue key words or shortening messages at all cost, they can be easily twisted and used against us.

Keep Rising

#RedNationRising is a grassroots powerhouse made of Americans from all walks, together we must STAND UP TO TYRANNY.


Written by: David Southall

David is one of the earliest supporters of Red Nation Rising.  He can be found on Twitter at @BCCpatriot and regularly contributing to #RedNationRising.  David’s blog, the Blue Collar Conservative, has grown tremendously in a short period of time and he can be reached by email at


Twitter: @RedNationRising


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