Amnesty for Kids of Illegals is Still Amnesty

There must be a hard line against any bill that legalizes people already in the country illegally. ANY people. Even kids of illegals.

Gangsters (and RINOs) Exploit Kids for Sympathy

Recently, the Senate passed the Gang of 8’s Immigration Reform Bill 68-32.  Stated another way, the Gang of 8 — acting like real life Gangsters — thumbed their nose at the law.  It’s an Amnesty Bill.  It will legalize people, including children of illegals, in America unlawfully.  Atrocious, huh?  What do you expect from Senators who call themselves a gang.

The House has yet to vote on the bill.  However recent hearings are a bad omen.  Some members of the GOP, even once solid Trey Gowdy (R-SC), may be going RINO an granting Amnesty in utter and complete derogation of the Rule of Law.  Is he an unwitting dupe?  Or is it intentional?

No Amnesty

American Children First

Gowdy and his ilk are now claiming they are supporting amnesty “for the children.”  Ahem.  Not for nothing, but attacking opponents because we don’t care about children is a very weak argument to make, Mr. Gowdy.  Seriously.  We care about children.  BUt American kids, first and foremost!

It is offensive to claim we should grant amnesty to — illegal — children.  AMERICAN CHILDREN WILL SUFFER BECAUSE OF AMNESTY.  Maybe Mr. Gowdy and his caving RINO traitors don’t care about American kids.  We do.

Secure Borders or Bust

If the House pass the Gangsters of Eight bill, it grants amnesty to at least 12 million illegal immigrants.  Another possibility is the House will make reforms and draft their own immigration bill.  How about tabling ALL immigration initiatives until there is a Secure Border?

A Secure Border should be the first reform passed.  Make it a priority.  A condition to enacting any other reform.  If the House were to pass a good bill only securing the border — truly securing the border — the American people would see that as the most common sense starting point.

The GOP won’t get punished by burning the Gang of 8 bill.  They’ll get burned even considering it.  They’ll burn America if they consider Amnesty.

Secure the border.  Put America, and America’s children, first.

Written by: @MitchBehna

Keep Rising

Twitter: @RedNationRising



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