Kicking Off The #RedNationRising Visual Communications Program

Here are some Red Nation Rising graphic designs which will launch our visual communications program!

What’s a Visual Communications Program?  

Basically, a visual communications program is conveying ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon.  In our case, it is the designs below which will aid members of the Red Nation Rising social community.

These designs will be incorporated into the Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Google+, and other digital spaces.  For example, one of these will be the avi/profile pic.  It will appear on your Twitter timeline of Facebook News Feed as we post.  Another will be our banner.

The Red Nation Rising Decal 

In addition to helping identify Red Nation Rising on social and digital media, one of these designs will be fashioned into the Red Nation Rising decal.

A lot of people have been asking for a decal. We are a few short weeks away!  Part of the delay is because Red Nation Rising continues its massive growth.  It’s just amazing.

Thank you for that!  Twitter and Facebook keep exploding!  And it’s giving the Blue Dems and RINOs fits!

I really wanted the decal to match the whole Red Nation Rising experience.  As a grassroots organization with literally no money (this is a start-up!) our community reaches between one and two million accounts per day.  Every time you Tweet using the hashtag  #RedNationRising, every Retweet or Reply, every Facebook Post, Like, Share or Comment really touches me.

The decal — whether on a vehicle, laptop, or hidden in a desk drawer — extends Red Nation Rising from the digital world to the real world.  It’s all so very touching.  I can’t wait to get them printed and cut.  More info on that in the next two weeks.

The Designs



I love this one.  Inspired by @Patriotic_Pete it’s simple and bold.


The “Red” filled in.


One possible avi. Rising from the lower bar is very effective.


Again, the Red is filled in. Rising.


Banner 1.


Banner 2 (with Red filled in).

They’re All Great!

They’re all great!  Many, many thanks to Ann Winthrop for putting these together.  I woke up the other morning and one was just stuck in my head.  It was the first thing I thought of as I opened my eyes, ready to rise.

Many, many thanks for all your support.

@JimLysaght (Founded Red Nation Rising social community and viral grassroots movement after tweeting from  @NObamaChat Twitter account several days after utterly disastrous 2012 Election.)

Twitter: @RedNationRising

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