Blue Dem Obama a Green Whacko

Global warming, or climate change, is a heavily disputed issue in the sense that the question remains whether the cause is man-made or anthropogenic.

Hot Topic

It’s an important and timely topic. After 4 billion years, humans have little, if any, control over climate or global warming.  Ask Yukon Cornelius.

There is no question Earth has natural cycles of warming and cooling.  Moonbat Liberals and Blue Dems blame industrial revolution advances.  Sure. Whilst cars, businesses and corporations produce gases, so do Blue Dem fake intellectuals.


The same cooling trends of the Industrial Revolution exist today.  Like all of history. We go hot or cold.  Yet some — talking to you Al Gore, — go full boat  fraud

Al Gore, Fraud!

Al Gore rides in limousines.  He probably demands Two Live Crew, and Tipper too, play on his private jets. Plus, his McMansion home.

AlGore sold Current TV station to Al Jazeera, oil profiteer.  Which is fine.  Love oil.

But Al Gorey is no allegory for the truth; he’s all hypocrite!  Lecturing good, decent Americans what to drive, what to own, what to do as he pockets millions thanks to government service,  monopoly, and likely taxpayer-funded kickback.

“Green” is The Color of Money

Facts are coming out… there has been NO warming in the past 15 years.  Earth is expected to experience a cooling age.  Scare tactics by Big Gov Blue Dems into weak-kneed compliance is what they want.

The Blue Dem Radical Green movement isn’t about taking care about the environment. It’s about government control and money.

Mother Nature’s weather patterns and the Blue Dem blame game wear thin.  Many say man-made climate change is a hoax. Maybe one day we will look back on “man-made”  global warming, or climate change, as one of the biggest deceptions in not history.  Just like Blue Dem Obama

Written by: @MitchBehna 

Red Nation Rising Social Media

Twitter: @RedNationRising



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