Will Obama’s Foreign Policy Cause Another #Benghazi?

America has kicked global tail in Freedom’s name over a few centuries. Our military is the greatest force this Earth has ever witnessed.  We were a country none other dared mess with. Ever.  So why are we closing US Embassies because of threats from Al Qaeda?


It’s worse than embarrassing how weak we look under Sleazy Preezy Obama and his liberal Blue Dem policy of appeasement and surrender; it’s suicidal.

Many Muslims — many, certainly not all, — are feudal animals hellbent on America’s destruction.  They are not scared of us; they’re killing us.  Here and abroad. So Obama appeases them and retreats.  He closes U.S. Embassies — across the world — because of their latest threat.  Wrong man, wrong message.

America Needs a Leader

Obama went on his initial “Apologize for America” tour in 2008. He’s still touring.  Like the Rolling Stones, he just won’t stop.  But of course, that’s not entirely accurate.  A tour requires work!  And we all know Obama doesn’t work.  He sure does vacation a lot, though.

Obama condemns America. He alleges our bad deeds.  Maybe the President of the United States of America — the Leader of the Free World — ought to celebrate American success?  In the course of human history, there never has been a country better at lifting its people — and collaterally all people across the globe — to a higher and better standard of living.

Words Mean Things

Obama is politically correct (a marxist ideology) and whether it is intentional or not, emboldens American enemies, domestically and abroad.

Contrary to liberal progressive Blue Dem orthodoxy, words actually do mean things.  Those hellbent on our destruction are an enemy.

Our enemies hate us.  Our enemies wish to KILL us.  Fine.  We didn’t ask for it.  But logic dictates our survival depends on a similar approach.  Kill dead those who hate and wish to kill us.  Close our foreign stations?  Well if we can’t defend them what the hell are we doing there in the first place?

A Foreign American Foreign Policy

The “Arab Spring” ousted Mubarak for dictatorial Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  American taxpayers — and worse future generations (your children or future kids and their children) — give at least $1.5 BILLION of OUR money annually (along with F-16’s, Tanks, etc.) to our enemies.

Now they bang the drum for Syrian “rebels.”  RINO John McCain (he’d go to war with Canada if given the opportunity) and the Obama Administration is considering more American money and influence to some place called Syria.  95% of Americans couldn’t find it on a map.  The Syrians are fighting a tribal Civil War.  It’s not our business.

Benghazi Keeps Trending

Make no mistake.  America’s current foreign policy is one of appeasement and it’s wrong.  It caused Benghazi and the outrageous wave of attacks — Acts of War, actually — against American interests abroad in the days after the Benghazi attack.

Its important Benghazi gets more and more attention.  For those who don’t know, the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, is complicit in covering up one of the biggest –REAL, not phony — scandals in US history.  A US Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered in a major terrorist attack which Obama and his stoolies blamed on a YouTube video (then locked up the video maker in a glaringly scary extralegal assault on the First Amendment).

#Benghazi continues to trend Twitter. Why?  Good, decent Americans are waking up in greater numbers every week to the Obama Fraud and Benghazi lies.  It won’t go away.

Keep Digging For Facts of Very Real Benghazi Scandal

Four dead Americans deserve full and complete accounting of what happened before, during and after. It’s clear, the Obama and Hillary Clinton people attempted a cover-up (hatched as Obama went to Las Vegas to raise money for his re-election).

They think they can get away with it. Well, they can’t.  It makes a difference, Hillary (she lied to the relatives of the Benghazi victims) why the died.  Was Hillary gun-running?  Arming our enemies in violation of the Constitution?

Don’t Be Silent

America’s warriors, our soldiers and those who support them, will never be silent on Benghazi.  We must get all the facts and answers for the victims’ families and the tens of millions of Americans demanding answers.  They deserve it.

We will not be silent until those feudal animals — including Obama and Hillary — pay the price for the murder of our people and the cover-up.

Don’t be silent as to why we can’t — or won’t — protect our people or our foreign embassies because of Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement.

Written by: @MitchBehna

Keep Rising

Twitter: @RedNationRising 
Web: rednationrising.us
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