The NEW Cool

Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots protesting IS the new cool.  WE the people (the good and decent of us) are the edgy ones.  Embrace it.  Rise with it.

HONK for Obama’s Impeachment


Recently, a grassroots protest movement launched called “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.”  Red Nation Rising has supported them from very early on and even wrote a popular Blog post which generated lots of traffic for their drive –> here.  Because that’s what we do.  We help.

By all accounts, the nationwide protests of Interstate Infidels was a terrific success.  Patriotic people everywhere gathered, united, and rose as new Freeway Friends expressed their Constitutional right to assemble peacefully.  Including highway overpasses.

Impeach The Socialist Traitor

Expressway overpasses as a vehicle for expressing speech is the fast lane to a speedy American recovery from Obama’s moving Constitutional violations.   According to the website, “Overpasses” seeks the removal of our corrupt and criminal driver, Barack Hussein Obama.  Call him “Driving Miss Phony” for outright lies and many offenses detailed at Obama’s Scandal Spinning Wheel.

While most protests happened without a hitch, reports have filtered in that some municipalities shut down protests.  One police officer in California (please rise, California, RISE!) made what appears to be an assault on a protester who may be an Army medic who served in Afghanistan.  Our police have a tough job, and most of them are great Patriots who recognize Obama for the crook and Thief-In-Chief he is blacktopping the Rule of Law, but this event seems to be without legal justification.  The benefit of the doubt is not due to the California civil servant who atrociously threw the American flag on the ground.  What is going on in America?

Some say Impeachment won’t ever happen. Who knows.  Certainly, the greater numbers of grassroots people connecting over social media, the more likely Obama gets cited for his infractions.  Irrespective, we MUST take the Senate in 2014 and supplant our House!  That’s how we ride!

Keep Rising

Buckle up.  Our people are rising.

Check out the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Facebook Page.  There’s another event coming soon.

And maybe, just maybe, get out there with some other passionate Red Nation Rising supporters taking the wheel back from our Wide Load government.  We are a Red Nation Rising…  the new, modern, indy Corvette of Conservatism.  We are the new cool.

Thanks for all of your support.  Please check out the pics below!


Twitter: @RedNationRising

RNR Facebook Mgr Hits NC Overpass with Reporter
RNR Facebook Mgr Hits NC Overpass with Reporter

Impeach Obama
Impeach Obama
Winston-Salem Journal Pic
Winston-Salem Journal Pic

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