Biting the Hand that Feeds Them – US Corps Turn on Customers

By @whitewolf2011
By @whitewolf2011

By Jedediah Cain

On the 31st of July 2013, a group of U.S. corporations sent a formal statement to House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi urging for what was therein termed ‘immigration reform’. In order words, the letter, which can be found here, called for amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States of America.

On reading the letter, I was astounded by the audacity of these corporations. I then thought I’d take a quick glance at the names of the companies undersigned. If I was ‘astounded’ before, after seeing the vast array of corporations that had signed on to this letter, and seeing their actual names, I was now left numb with terror. From names like AT&T, Caterpillar Inc, Cargill, Cisco Systems to Facebook, NASDAQ and Oracle, the list was replete with the biggest names in world commerce, not merely American commerce.

The one word that came to me immediately was: “Boycott”. But it didn’t come alone. A question mark punctuated the word in my mind, so that my thoughts read this way: “BOYCOTT?” What am I saying? Simply this. We must admit that as conservatives, especially for American conservatives for whom the free market allows very real choice, our reaction to companies that propagate unconscionable public policies is to boycott them and patronize their non-offending competitors instead. However, a question mark must be placed next to this course of action when one considers that almost every name that provides services we couldn’t live without in the 21st century is privy to the purpose of the aforementioned letter. So, how do you boycott all of them?

The answer is that you don’t, unless you can live like John the Baptist for the next, say, rest of your life. By coalescing in such an overwhelming number, these destructive corporations have made sure to block the normal route of action. And so, these corporations have decided to actively subvert the rule of law and justice, by signing on to this effort. But Americans have all the time to deal with them individually or as a group, another day.

For now, the only option left to us, as I see it, is to be riled by this betrayal and show that the voices of millions of Americans far out-match the voices of faceless, amoral un-American corporations.

Patriots must take up arms (metaphorically, of course) and light up the switchboards of their representatives, making clear that the amnesty agenda is completely in contravention of their oath of office to protect the American people and American laws.  They must be made to realize that if they choose to pass anything with the whiff of amnesty on it, then their days in office are numbered.

The corporations must be shamed. In this battle, they must lose! Only after this battle is won can we engage them on another front and make these vested interests pay for what they are currently trying to do to the American people.

Thomas Jefferson said, in 1816:

“I hope that we shall crush … the aristocracy of our monied corporations, which dare … to challenge our government to a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

Time to make Jefferson proud folks.

By Sandy @Orangeone4

As a small business owner, I was shocked to see the number of Chambers of Commerce sign that disgusting amnesty letter.  All business owners must review the letter to see if the Chamber they belong to signed the letter.  If they have, cancel your membership, demand a full refund and tell all of your fellow members what your Chamber has done.  If they have not, write the Board of Directors and request the Chamber’s position on amnesty.  You join a Chamber to assist with your business goals, not to use your dues to lobby for the violation of our Constitution and laws.  Insist the Chamber remove any reference to your business in their membership roster and marketing materials.  Don’t hold back.  You don’t want your business to be associated with organizations that promote lawbreaking and the destruction of the businesses that we, not they, built with our blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice and courage.

My friend Jedediah Cain, who wrote the section above mine, is absolutely correct.  It is time that we take action.  I also recommend the following:

  • Boycott every business that signed the letter, seek out their competitors that did not sign the letter.
  • Go to the website of each business and email the Board of Directors or Audit Committee and inform them that lobbying to violate our Constitution and federal laws is unethical behaviour and that you are informing everyone you know of their unethical business practices.
  • Check your stock portfolios and money market accounts.  Immediately sell any stock of a Company that signed the letter.
  • Research the members of the Chamber of Commerce in your area, identify the large businesses, boycott them, email their Board of Directors or Audit Committee, sell off any stock you own.
  • Send the link to this blog to everyone in your network.

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