Obama Rushin’ From Russians

So now, O’Preezy decides the right thing to do while he is in Russia — good lord, RUSSIA! — is to ignore and dismiss his Russian counterpart, Putin.  Please read that prior sentence again.


Snubbing Putin is probably the dumbest and most dangerous idea Obama has had in 4 plus years as “Resident.”  Because Presidents, real ones, would never do that.

Apparently, Obama doesn’t get it when the leader of the host country invites you to his place for a one-on-one meeting, it is good to go. Vlad is giving Barry an opportunity to discuss his grievances, especially about the Snowden debacle and the Middle East nightmare.  So Barry decides to take a pass.

Instead, Bye-Bye Barry will travel across the Baltic Sea to visit Sweden, the country which awarded him the Peace Prize in 2009.

A Peace of Work, Alright

Maybe Sweden asked Barry to return that Peace Price.  Any logical person will see that during his presidency, Obama did NOTHING to earn it.

A defining moment in the Obama Residency, as it relates to foreign affairs, and he says “Nope. Not interested.”  Can’t make it up.  He’s like the Gardener in the film “Being There.”

Chess, Anyone?

Here’s the difference between outright losing and losing due to a withdrawal when playing chess: Withdrawing is worse.  When you concede, you realize you are in a hopeless position. Basically, a surrender.

In skipping the summit, Preezy O admits defeat in the psychological warfare of diplomacy.  Even back when Kennedy and Krushchev were at Death’s Door during the Cuban Missile Crisis, they never stopped talking!


During Obama’s $100 million African trip, when asked if he had spoken with President Putin about Snowden, his flippant reply was that he didn’t have to. That should have telegraphed to any Obama-watcher that he has allowed his personal, petulant views of the Russian President to cloud his vision of the bigger picture.

If Obama doesn’t change his mentally challenged mind before the G-20 Summit in St. Petersburg, it will be a cold and frosty winter. And, as you know, the Russians can deal with the cold. Just look at Napoleon and Hitler. They didn’t get it when the Russian winter all but destroyed them.

Sadly, neither does Blue Dem President Obama.

Written by: @McHaleFrank

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