Big Box Banksters In Bed With Blue Dem Big Gov Gangsters

Sierra Vista Bank in Folsom, California, just announced a profit in the amount of $170,000 or 5 cents a share for the second quarter, which ended on June 30.  This is great.  We celebrate profit.

Community Bank is Back in Black 

The Bank is up $222,000 for the year, and has enjoyed five straight quarters of positive results.  For the same six-month period last year, the Bank lost $592,000.

They have turned things around.  So can our Republic.

Sierra Vista received a capital injection of $1.3 million from an institutional investor. Bank management feels this is a good faith investment in the Bank’s long-term goals.  The Red Nation Rising Social Community is making an investment in America’s long-term goals.

Big Box Banksters In Bed With Blue Dem Big Gov Gangsters

Of course the earnings by Sierra Vista pale in comparison to Big Box Banksters at Chase, Citi, BoA and Wells Fargo.

But Sierra Vista, and hundreds more community banks like it who have opened in the last 10 years, have survived by smart management, consumer and investor confidence, and old time respect for a decent industry. Banking became a foul term due to poor management, bad (and likely illegal investments) and, of course, government bailouts.

Those government bailouts benefited the big banks — and the government.  Shouldn’t our big banks be fighting big government?  Yet they are in bed with each other.

Customer Service, Great Products, Community Connections

Small banks have been resilient.  Time’s are tough on so many people during the current market.  We’ve made it through one of the worst financial market disasters in American History.  The small banks know it: don’t forget about the depositor.  

It’s time to let the Blue Dem and RINOs behind the Government Leviathan know it.  The American people are waking up.  And Red Nation Rising is making a run on the government.  Right at it.

So congratulations, Sierra Vista Bank (and your thousands of siblings).  Job well-done! Take your bows for providing great customer service, terrific products and remembering why you are here: to serve us, not the other way around.

Written by: @McHaleFrank

Keep Rising

Twitter: @RedNationRising

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