Even a Blind Person Can See Rampant SNAP Fraud and Abuse

During the last federal election cycle, there was plenty of discussion concerning people on federal benefits and the abuse which abounds.  Frankly, abuse is too kind a word.  It’s fraud.

Stop the Fraud

Before taking up the bigger matter of “entitlement reform”, let’s just STOP THE FRAUD.  No one wants to deny legitimate claims of disability.  If someone loses a kidney, or has colon cancer, or suffers legitimate disabilities, there should be no stigma receiving Social Security Disability payments.

There are millions of good, decent Americans unable to perform physical tasks they once did after fruitful working history.  Many of these Americans endeavor paths to new careers.  For example, blogging or tweeting on issues of the day.  (Editor’s Note: the writer of this piece, Frank McHale, is disabled, accepting Disability, and we’re working VERY hard to change that.)

There is massive fraud presently infiltrating certain government benefit programs.  Specifically, the Department of Agriculture’s SNAP Program, generically known as food stamps.

Even a Blind Person Can See The Fraud and Abuse

Watch your grocer.  Customers purchase groceries with a SNAP card and receive $80 in US dollar cash return. Then they buy a carton of cigarettes at the courtesy counter.  Or, we’ve all been to that convenience store where the man in front purchases a case of beer with a plastic card.

We are the type of people who help our brothers and sisters in time of need.  Helping others less fortunate is in our DNA.  But when the people abuse the system and commit fraud, well, that rankles the natural order.  The effect is a desire to stop all benefits.  Why shouldn’t it when unscrupulous vendors accept cards or coupons for ineligible items?  The laws are already on the books.  They need to be enforced.

FOX Special Report

Fox News recently ran a special report by Brett Baier illustrating other examples of abuse and fraud.  Where are the checks and balances in this system?  One immoral young man, physically healthy, uses a SNAP card to buy lobster and sushi and then surf all day.  He should be punished for stealing.  The fraud and abuse must stop, or the reaction of good people will be to stop ALL benefits programs.

Written by: @McHaleFrank

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