I am Rodeo Clown

Political Correctness is a Marxist philosophy intended to destroy Western Civilization.

Looked Like a Fun Rodeo!

Over the past few days, the Missouri State Fair rodeo clown has trended MSM and Social Media.   news in recent days. Some clown put on a mask of another clown.  It was all about having a good time in a communal gathering.  But they don’t want you to gather with your friends, neighbors and countrymen.  They WANT you to sit on your butt at home, watch tv, and OBEY the utter crap they are pushing.

The Rodeo looked fun and the crowd which gathered looks like they had some good laughs.  Which drives Liberals — an unfunny, mentally diseased lot if there ever was — nuts.  Even more nuts.  Which is why, despite the Obama dis, we should all support Rodeo Clown.  I am Rodeo Clown!

Screenshot 2013-08-15 at 10.06.06 AM

NAACP are Mentally Diseased

The Blue Dems and liberals are going crazy over Rodeo Clown!  Don’t you just LOVE that?  The NAACP wants Secret Service and Department of Justice to do a full investigation. What a bunch of bozos!

Rodeo Clown made a few jokes.  Political satire has an extremely important role in our great America.  It’s called Freedom.  The best they try, they will never, ever, EVER turn us into the Middle East or a dictatorship.  We’re bucking the trend.

The federal government is operating outside the US Constitution and anti-American groups like the NAACP enable them.  They are an enemy of “colored people” and ALL people, irrespective of color.

First Things First  

Constitution First!  And what’s the First Amendment?  Our FREE speech.  Say it — or shout it — with me, “Free, free, free.  Free speech! FREE!! SPEECH!!”  Good lord!  These rodeos made fun of other previous Presidents, including George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush.  There was no outrage or calls for federal investigations for constitutionally protected free speech.

Screw the NAACP.  Screw the Blue Dems.  Screw the Liberals and progressives.  They are all screwy!  Obama, you just know that fraud is wearing many, many masks, isn’t defending Rodeo Clown because he hates the Constitution.  He hates free speech.  Which is why many claim he hates America.  Well, we love America.  And we’re rising to save her.  Without wearing any masks.

Keep Rising

Written by: @MitchBehna

Twitter: @RedNationRising
Web: rednationrising.us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedNationRising

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