Too Big To Fail

There are so many Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots using #RedNationRising it stopped one measuring service from continuing to track things!

Numbers Count

Red Nation Rising started as a single Tweet about 9 months ago (in the dark, depressing days after Election 2012) using the #RedNationRising hashtag on Twitter.  It went viral!  Since then, Red Nation Rising has made more than 3 billion social media Impressions.  Billion!


Measuring the astronomical growth of our grassroots Red Nation Rising is important.  To track the growth of the Red Nation Rising hashtag, there is a service called hashtracking which offers a free trial period to monitor Twitter.  It measures the number of Tweets using the hashtag.

“Tweet Limit Reached”

Hashtracking sent me an email with the subject line “Hashtracking Tweet Limit Reached.”  At first, I got kinda scared!  When I read their email, I was put at ease.  There are SO many growing numbers of Tweets containing #RedNationRising that Hashtracking could no longer track it for free!

Here’s what they wrote:

Thanks for signing up for a free trial account with Hashtracking! We’re glad you decided to check us out. It looks like you’ve picked a popular hashtag in #RedNationRising.

As you may have noted when you signed up, our free trial accounts store up to 100,000 tweets – a far greater number of tweets than the majority of hashtags experience . #RedNationRising has exceeded that number of tweets since you started to follow, and we’ve had stop collecting data about this tag for now.

So…. this third-party service is 1.) calling Red Nation Rising popular (yay!) and 2.) explaining Red Nation Rising generates a far greater number of Tweets than a majority of hashtags!

For the record, the trial period was only 15 days old before the email which means there were 100,000 Tweets containing #RedNationRising in a mere 15 days! Incredible news!

There’s Nothing Like Red Nation Rising

Red Nation Rising is entirely grassroots and the growth is all organic and we are rising everywhere.

From a single Tweet, to billions of Impressions and tens of thousands of contributors reaching tens of millions to a growing social community across all Social and Digital media (and in real life, too, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about my very first Tea Party meeting with West Suburban Patriots).

There’s nothing like Red Nation Rising. It’s just never been done before.  The best part?  We’re going to win! Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and patriots uniting to the RIGHT will win back America!

Keep Rising

The Red Nation Rising Not For Profit recently launched and we’ll be raising funds there to help grow Red Nation Rising and extend even further, including paying for Hashtracking!!

Many, many thanks for all your support,


Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn: (If you want to Join Red Nation Rising on LinkedIn, just ask!)

Decal Coming Soon!
Decal Coming Soon!

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