Back To Skool

There’s a movie currently in theatres called “Grown Ups 2”, and it’s billed as a comedy.  However, one scene in the film is not particularly funny.  A mother and child are doing flash cards and he gets every math challenge wrong.  Yet, to help his self esteem, Mom keeps saying he’s correct.  This scene captures the theme of today’s society, especially the school system, kids can do no wrong.  And that’s just incorrect.

Department of Education Has Failed

Now, not every school system has been infected with the political correctness on big screen display in that movie.  However, the United States has been suffering a 34 year-old decline in education.  It’s no coincidence that decline began after President Jimmy Carter started the federal Department of Education in 1979; it’s math.  

Since the the federal government immersed itself in local school curriculum, teachers are compelled to pass kids who should fail.  Maybe give them 200 points extra credit, or allow kids to retake a test 5 times.  What a sham!  America does not need to teach kids to feel good about themselves for the sake of feeling good about themselves. Schools need to teach students to learn.  So America can get back on track to being the greatest nation this planet has ever experienced.

Big Gov Blue Dems Are Scared of Conservatives Blazing Red

Teachers are coming under pressure to abandon red pens.  Why?  Because using the color red when grading is considered ‘evil’ and ‘scary.’  Typical Blue Dem Libs!!! Of course they are scared of RED!  

The Blue Dem Progressive way of running schools — via liberal school administrations or some whack job liberal associations — are producing terrible results for all constituents.  Repeal the Department of Education and give power back to the states.  Let local communities run their schools.  

Parents and teachers must be encouraged to discipline, and when necessary fail or hold back, kids.  Or, at least — unlike the silly movie Grown Ups 2 — parents should tell their children when they’re wrong,  Especially doing math flash cards!  It will add up to education improvements overall.  Then, maybe, we can all laugh at Big Gov Blue Dems.

Written by: @MitchBehna

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