Syria Is a Civil War and We Have a Congress, Really!

Sleazy Preezy Obama is a disaster and he crossed our Red Line long ago, but this is syria-ous.

The situation in Syria is a potential disaster with no apparent reward. Syria offers no pretty outcome because NO ONE can articulate what our interest there is.  It seems, we have none.

Appeasing Submission

Blue Dem Obama’s foreign policy is best summed up as one of Appeasing Submission.  It’s not American.  Obama is cratering on the World Stage.  He’s a chicken ass, like Miley Cyrus.

Global politics is a dangerous game and cluck cluck gobble gobble Obama has made us weak.  Our enemies laugh at Preezy.  Hell, we laugh (and cry) at Preezy.  Imperially Embarrassing Obama and his horrible policies aside, does this Rodeo Clown know anything about timing?

Leading from behind can’t work.  Be strong!  Show no sign of weakness. Syria has been trending, although claims are disputed whether Assad or McRino’s Runnin’ Rebels used the gas.


Who cares.  Really. Maybe the world is better off with less Syrians.  They have been immersed in Civil War for nearly 3 years.

Syrian rebels?  That’s an oxymoron, like Maverick McCain.  Some rebels.  A few years ago they were secular and westernized. Now the rebels are Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

When Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and was demonically criticized for it, he did receive congressional approval. Remember them? Congress?

We do.  So we RISE.  Seriously.

Keep Rising

Written by: @MitchBehna 

Twitter: @RedNationRising
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