My First Overpasses Protest

About 2 months ago, a fantastic Red Nation Rising supporter from the East Coast introduced me to the Facebook Page of a burgeoning group called “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.”

Social Media Puts Boots on Ground

A quick Facebook LIKE later, and I sent a brief message to Overpasses.  At the time, the Red Nation Rising social community was reaching about 1 million social media accounts every day (two months later, we’ve doubled and now reach 2 million social media accounts every day.)  Many of us supported them with Tweets, Facebook updates, and I even wrote this blog post.

Since that time, there have been many excited Red Nation Rising supporters at Overpasses protests.  I just participated in my first, and let me tell you.  It. Was. Awesome.

Overpass With Lots of Flair

Driving up the highway I kept checking overpasses looking for the movement to no avail.  Then suddenly… Wham!  You couldn’t miss this group!  Their Overpass had flair!

Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment Grows Bigger
Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Grows Bigger

I blasted the horn while traversing underneath the Great Western Trail Overpass in Chicago’s Western ‘burbs.  This landmark is about 20 miles from Obama’s headquarters, which is important for people across America to grasp.  Not only is grassroots Red Nation Rising NFP (the recently formed not-for-profit) located in Obama’s backyard, so are people physically rising. They are standing tall and putting boots on highway overpasses all across Chicagoland.  It’s happening.

Conservatives and Patriots must be bold!  We can fight Chicago-style, too.  It’s not just Bue Dems and RINOs here!  There are millions of Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Patriots trapped Behind Blue Lines in every city, everywhere.  It’s high time we get right-in-the-face of the Big Gov traitors destroying our homeland, no matter where they reside.  

A New Path   

With my car parked at a secure spot, I hiked a half mile through an isolated trail to get to the unfamiliar overpass.  

The is an abandoned railroad corridor.  Good, decent Americans won't abandon the USA.
The is an abandoned railroad corridor. Good, decent Americans won’t abandon the USA.

It was a little disconcerting, actually.  The trail was remote. As I walked alone on the abandoned Chicago Great Western Railway corridor my mind started to play those tricks we’ve all experienced.  Were there Blue Dem bandits about?!  

I quickened pace and approached the overpass through a heavily wooded area.  Raised high above the foliage cover, fastened to the American steel fence as a welcome beacon, was Old Glory and the sight immediately placed me at ease.  I knew I was with friends.

Through a rising the raised flag of our people rising.
Through a rising the raised flag of our people rising.

With New Patriot Friends

Though I was a newcomer at my first ever protest, the Overpasses group offered up a very warm welcome. It turns out we have some shared friends with West Suburban Patriots.

As new friends we chatted while about a thousand vehicles passed by blaring horns in total and complete support of the mission.

Good, decent Americans. New Patriot friends rising in Chicago.  And everywhere.
Good, decent Americans. New Patriot friends rising in Chicago. And everywhere.

There was talk of Defunding Obamacare, Stopping Amnesty, Agenda 21, Ted Cruz & Rand Paul, and how Chicago pizza is better than New York pizza (I’m kidding on that last one).  One of the highlights was when local law enforcement showed up.  An officer walked over, extended his hand and said, “All of us in the department support you.”

Thank you, Overpasses

Please check out Overpasses.  Regardless of whether you feel Obama can get impeached, connecting in person with like-minded Patriots and supporting each other is just one way we are all rising together.

The cacophony of cars and trucks blaring their horns for Barry’s impeachment was a beautiful chorus.  You should experience it for yourself. Don’t pass it up.

Keep Rising

Many, many thanks for all your support.


Twitter: @RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group:


Decal Coming Soon!
Decal Coming Soon!

5 thoughts on “My First Overpasses Protest

  1. Thank you James you certainly are a great addition to our ever growing group. I enjoyed talking to you and hope to see you again real soon.

  2. I enjoyed your post.

    I too ran across overpasses for Obama’s impeachment. Waved my ass off on 3 seperate occassions. Though the turnouts for support were not what some wanted, the message was clear. Many thousands crossed our paths. Many honked, waved, took pictures, took videos, flipped us off and cursed at us and some marines brought us biscuits.. Point is we all have rights granted by the constitution and it needs to remain intact for the good of all.

    There are many awake Americans out there. I am blessed to speak with many of them nightly. The message is being heard. The masses may not be as blind, distracted, unaware and stupid as some may think.

    God bless America and all the people.
    Tracy C. Lawrence

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