Stay Out of Syria

The United States has no interest in Syria justifying military intervention.  

Despite the melodrama offered by Secretary of State Lurch and Obama The Orphan, without a real American interest we must not jeopardize the life of a single American soldier for a war in which there is nothing to win and which, in fact, may aid and abet our enemy – Muslim feudal animals hellbent on our destruction.

Obama is a Weapon of Mass Dysfunction

Obama’s oddball foreign policy in the Middle East has a history of supplanting oppressive government with MORE oppressive government.  If we go to war with a sovereign nation engaged in a Civil War, we will be Al Queda’s ally.  This is insanity.  It’s almost impossible to fathom.  The President of the United States and senile Senator John McCain (McRino) support Al Queda.

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Preezy

It’s no wonder these dithering dopes have sparked a viral protest movement within our Armed Forces on social media.  Make no mistake, air strikes or bombing Syria is an Act of War.  The soldiers speaking out will undoubtedly fight tooth and nail for America.

Stay Out of Syria

The moral thing to do in Syria is to stay out.  No matter how many dead Syrians battling each other are paraded on the Sunday News Shows.  How is that moral?  Because we have no interest!  We don’t have a dog in the fight.  Plus, involving our military might lead to greater chaos.

The Middle East is a complete mess because of appeasement.  They are mostly feudal animals who have been at war forever.  We’re better off with Assad killing Al Queda for us.  Those pieces of garbage would gas every man, woman and child in the United States (except for the Muslim ones).

Obama’s Red Lines, White Lies, and White Lines  

We don’t need yet ANOTHER Middle East conflict.  Obama is a washroom attendant, at best.  He’s certainly not a leader and his dysfunctional public statements add even more exhibits to the “O File: Obama’s Lies.”  Apparently Obama knows more about white lines than red ones.  Obama the Blue Dems crossed our red line a long time ago.

The best part about Obama The Orphan (even the Brits abandoned him!) is that even Blue Dems are waking up to the fact that Obama is not the great man they thought; Obama is a petulant child.

Rise Congress, RISE

Sit down, Obama.  Get in the corner, Little Boy Barry Blue, with those dunces McRino and his limp lackey Lindsey Graham.  It’s time for the adults to talk.  Like Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mike Lee who completely eviscerated with logic, decency and common sense why we should stay the hell out of Syria.

Let Congress convene.

May the men and women of that co-equal branch of government RISE to shut down this silly Syrian notion that bombing a Civil War torn sovereign nation makes any sense at all.  And when they vote no and Barry bombs away?  Impeach.

Keep Rising

Many, many thanks for all your support.


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