Update 9: Exempt AMERICA from ObamaCare / BoehnerCare

Breitbart TV Feed here.

ACLJ picture from the rally!  Wow, just wow!

Courtesy of the ACLJ
Courtesy of the ACLJ

Senator Mike Lee (@ SenMikeLee )

Senator Lee, author of the defund ObamaCare letter, opened the rally! “Across America, from living rooms to Board rooms, ObamaCare is despised!”  “Obama has exempted big business.  He’s doing everything he can to exempt his cronies.”

Click here to view Senator Lee’s letter.

Jordan Sekulow, American Center for Law and Justice ( @jordansekulow )

“In America we have a thing called Rule of Law…The President wants to pick which portions of the law he wants to enforce…Mr. President as we gather here today we are telling you you do not have the authority to change the law.”

Learn more about the ACLJ and their defense of our Constitution here.

Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) ( @TimHuelskamp )

Tim Huelskamp

“Mr. President, if ObamaCare is so great, why are you not signing up for it?  Why not the cabinet?  Why not members of Congress? Why not your labor unions?”

Rep. Huelskamp informed the rally attendees and the nation that the leaders in the House are planning to pull a trick on Thursday to fund ObamaCare and then tell the people they didn’t.  He ended with a chant “Let the House vote.”

Representative Huelskamp signs the Defund Obama petition!

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) ( @SenRandPaul )

Rand Paul Exempt America Rally

His full speech is below.

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) ( @RepMarkMeadows )

Mark Meadows

Leading the charge to #DefundObamaCare in the House of Representatives is freshman Mark Meadows (R-NC).  To date, 80 representatives have signed his #DefundIt letter.  Tweet your Congressman and demand (s)he signed Rep. Meadows’ letter.

“We still have a Constitution that is too noble to be re-written.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) ( @SenTedCruz, @TedCruz )

Ted Cruz

“ObamaCare is a disaster. We are fighting to save this country.  ObamaCare is the #1 job killer in America…More and more Americans are seeing health insurance premiums skyrocket or lose health insurance period…And President Obama is busy granting exemptions to all the cronnies in Washington.  Big corporations got an exemption.  Congress got an exemption.  Now the labor unions are demanding an exemption.  I’ve got a simple question Mr. President, how about an exemption for hard-working American families?

Answer Senator Cruz’s challenge:  Go to dontfundit.com to sign the national petition, joining over 1.2 million who have already signed.  Senator Cruz is asking each of us to find 10 people to go to dontfundit.com to sign the petition.

“Last night stories emerged that some House Republicans are considering procedural tricks to allow them to vote on defunding ObamaCare and let Harry Reid strip it out and fund ObamaCare.”

Representative Jeff Duncan (R-NC) ( @RepJeffDuncan )


“America wants us to defund ObamaCare today!  The time is now. We’ve heard you.  No more cover votes.  I’m not as worried about a government shut-down as I am about what is happening to America…No more backroom deals…No more games of cover votes.”

Representative Matt Salmon (R-AZ) ( @RepMattSalmon )

Matt Salmon

Matt Salmon, I call it an encroachment on our Constitution.  Our leaders want us to crawl under a rock and play a game on the American people.  I want to de-sissify Congress.  No more sissies, no more wimps. They are asking us to do a bait and switch on the American people.  Before any bill goes to the floor, there has to be a rule passed. What should we do?  #KillTheRule.

Representative Louie Gohmert ( @RepLouieGohmert )

Louis Gohmert

I’m not talking about the illusion of defunding ObamaCare. We believe in taking a stand for liberty.  Was ObamaCare passed against the will of the American people?  Is ObamaCare still against the will of the American people?  Does it get the government between you and your health care?  Does ObamaCare violate your right to privacy?  Can you count on the government to keep your physical health a secret? Will ObamaCare prevent senior citizens from getting the health care they deserve?  Does ObamaCare prevent the free exercise of your religious rights?  Does ObamaCare provide health care for people illegally here?

Representative Steve King (R-IA) (@SteveKingIA)

Steve King

It was unconstitutional then, it is unconstitutional now.  The Supreme Court decision did not change that.  We cannot allow a rule to be written to have the rug pulled out from underneath it. They passed it by legislative shenanigan.  It has never been the will of the American people.  It has always been the will of the people to repeal it. The P has no constitutional authority to grant a waiver to anybody.  He had taken an oath of office and has violated it many times.  Let’s vote down anything that funds it.  Let’s vote down anything that enforces it.

Herman Cain ( @thehermancain )


There are two thoughts I want to share:

America is divided not between the haves and the have-nots but between the political class and the working class. The working class believes in “be all you can be.”  The political class believes “be all that they want you to be.”
They want to tell us what insurance to buy, they want to tell our doctors how to do their jobs, they want to even tell us when to die via their death panel.  They ain’t in charge of this country. We the people are still in charge of this county.

There is a new revolution in America and it’s not about bombs and bullets.  The new revolution in America is about brains and ballots.

Representaitve Phil Gingrey, MD (R-GA) ( @repphilgingrey )

“I will not vote for any law that supports ObamaCare by one single nickel.  I’ve also introduced a bill this week ‘No special treatment for Congress Act’ that reverses Obama’s exemption for Congress and their staff.”

His official Defund ObamaCare statement can be read here.

Representative Scott Garrett (R-NJ) ( @RepGarrett )

Rep Garrett

The President has realized that ObamaCare will not work for his friends, for his supporters as is giving them exemptions!  Representative Garrett just signed Representative Meadows’ Defund ObamaCare letter yesterday.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) ( @Jim_Jordan )

jim jordan

Running to the podium after the credits began to roll, Representative Jordan couldn’t let ralliers leave without announcing that Democrats are beginning to break ranks and are voting with Republicans!

Stay tuned for an update when videos become available.

Written By: Sandy @Orangeone4

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One thought on “Update 9: Exempt AMERICA from ObamaCare / BoehnerCare

  1. Extremely thrilled at these patriots standing up for AMERICA.They stand for the weak,they stand for our military,they stand for right,and they stand for freedom! GOD BLESS THESE PEOPLE AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

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