Letter Appealing Improper Suspension of @RedNationRising

Dear Twitter Support Team,

@RedNationRising is the official account of Red Nation Rising NFP, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education of civics and constitutionalism on social media.  Red Nation Rising is a rapidly growing organization launched from a single Tweet using the hashtag #RedNationRising.  The @RedNationRising account has been inexplicably suspended.  

I am the Executive Director of Red Nation Rising NFP and believe our account is always within compliance of Twitter Rules, the Twitter Terms of Service and adheres to Twitter and Social Media Best Practices.  I believe there has been concerted attack on the account to Spam/Block our account in a very un-Twitter like campaign of abuse and harassment by individuals and groups opposed to civics and constitutionalism.  That’s just wrong.

I believe individuals and groups have engaged in their concerted action against @RedNationRising in complete violation of Twitter rules.  These individuals and groups are acting in bad faith and are abusive.  

I respectfully request these individuals and groups have their accounts permanently suspended by Twitter and their IP addresses be turned over to my attention to investigate the scope and depth of their harmful campaign.  These individuals and groups are terrible citizen’s of the Twitter community and should be blacklisted by Twitter.  

Again, I assert @RedNationRising has not engaged in any single violation of Twitter’s Rules and TOS and appeal to you to lift the improper suspension of @RedNationRising as soon as possible.  If I am not correct, and there has been a violation of Twitter TOS, I would greatly appreciate an explanation so that I may take steps to ensure it does not happen again.  

Thank you for your time, and attention, to this matter.  

Very truly yours,

James Lysaght
Founder of Red Nation Rising
Executive Director of Red Nation Rising NFP

Twitter: @RedNationRising
Web: rednationrising.us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedNationRising
LinkedIn Group: http://linkd.in/19tBVFO

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6 thoughts on “Letter Appealing Improper Suspension of @RedNationRising

  1. Red Nation Rising is a not for profit group that seeks to unite people on Twitter who are interested in sharing their knowledge of American history & the Constitution. What could possibly be grounds for suspension in that? I have learned so much about American history including the Constitution & the founding of the United States that I feel at times I’m in a college class, just one that’s online instead of in a classroom.

    I can’t imagine what rules we might have broken in following this course of study, but I am definitely going to protest this suspension as I believe it to be completely wrong and unfair. Please let me know what I can do to assist RedNationRising.

  2. Well this Sucks! 😦 I hope you get your account unsuspended ASAP! They pulled the same crap with Ducky and the CFP4US twitter account and it was off for a damn MONTH! 😦 Please let us know if you get any reply from these morons.



  3. This is unfair and unfortunate. Red Nation Rising is a legitimate organization dedicated to what millions of Americans want, as I interpret, bring back adherence and reverence of the Constitution and restore it as the law of the land.

    If there is anything I, or any other supporters and twitter users can do, please tell us right away. If we can send a message to twitter or have a tweet blizzard organized or something.

    It’s just no right. Godspeed to you and all RNR staff. This is an obstacle and great endeavors always have obstacles as did Patriots did during the American Revolution when they were distributing pamphlets.

    – Jared Adams aka Earnest APatriot
    website twitter acct: @Rest0reLiberty

    1. Thanks so much Jared! @RedNationRising is back. Twitter’s system automatically suspended our Twitter account because of an orchestrated campaign by a group of Blue Dems. Maybe it was a union. How pathetic! But we own’t be stopped and messages like this and the amazing support from our social community on Twitter — they acted pretty fast, actually — got us back up. Great stuff at @Recla1mLiberty! Thanks, again.

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